K&S Promotions Holiday Sale!!!

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K&S Promotions Holiday Sale!!!

Post by crimedog66 » November 23rd, 2017, 1:23 am

Free shipping!!!!

Most of the autographed figures come with a picture of the wrestler signing the figure, we can email you that picture..

Email us at wrestlefest05@hotmail.com With your order or any questions!!

Autographed Mattel Elite Figures..

Boogeyman $60
Rhyno $60
Kane $70
Damien Mizdow $50
Jimmy Hart $60
Mark Henry $65 ( no photo avialable)
Tito Santana $55
Adam Rose $50
Diamond Dallas Page $60
X Pac $60
Godfather $60
Ryback $60 (no photo avialable)
Sid Vicious $65
Lita $65 (no photo avialable)
Tugboat $60
Sting red and black $80
Tatanka $60
Nwo Scott Hall $70 (no photo avialable)
Booker T $65
Brutus Beefcake $60 (no photo avialable)
Alberto Del Rio $65 ( no photo avialable)
1 2 3 Kid $60
Warlord $60

Autographed Defining Moments

Ric Flair blue robe $90
Sting crow $85
Sting old school $80

TNA Autographed Figures

Mr. Anderson $40
Brooke Tessmacher $50
Angelina Love $45

Autographed Mattel legends figures

Ricky Steamboat $80
Diamond Dallas page $70
Sgt Slaughter $70

Autographed Mattel Battle Packs

The Bushwackers $50 (only Luke)
Scott Hall & Kevin Nash $80 (no photo avialable)
The new age outlaws $65 (photo of only Road Dogg)

Autographed Mattel Basic Figures

Heath Slater $40
Ryback $40 (no photo avialable)
Zeb Colter $40
Vickie Guerrero $45
Razor Ramon $40 (no photo avialable)
Jim Duggan $40
Honky Tonk Man $40
Sgt Slaughter $40
Paul Orndorff $40
Ricky Steamboat $45
Austin Aries $40
Kane $50
Ted Dibiase $40
Stardust $45
Adam Rose $35
Rob van Dam $45

Autographed classic superstars 2 pack

Killer Bees $100
Midnight Express $200
Rock NRoll Express $250
Demolition $100
Scott hall & Shawn Micheals ladder 2 pack $250
Ted Dibiase & Virgil $100

Autographed 3 pack

Nasty boys & jimmy Hart $125
Rhythm & Blues with jimmy hart $125

We also have a ton of autographed classic figures including, sunny, Honky Tonk, jim ross, Greg valentine, Warlord , Barbarian, Nikolai Volkoff, King Kong Bundy, Jake Roberts, ted Dibiase, I .R.S,bob Orton, rick Stenier, Nasty Boys, Al Snow, Tito Santana, bobby Heenan, Harley race, brother love, and much more!!

We also have a ton of autographed photos from guys like Kane, Austin Aries, Sting, to obscure territory names like Eric Embry, Butcher Vachon and Much more!!

Any ?? Email us ..

We accept PayPal!!!


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