Easy Success with Jimmy Carter

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Easy Success with Jimmy Carter

Post by 16times »

Thought I'd share my TTM success story...

Back this past June, Mrs. 16Times bought me a gift for Father's Day. She contacted a professional autograph dealer I know, and bought a ticket from the 1977 Presidential Inaugural Parade, signed by Vice President Walter Mondale. The ticket was for the front row of one of the viewing stands. I figure Mondale was walking the route, shook some hands, and signed it as he went by.

Well, Former President Carter is still going strong at 92, and is pretty cool about signing things TTM, so I thought I'd "upgrade" this item a little bit. The very next day, I put it in the mail to him and asked him to sign it, too. I wrote a nice letter and included a postage paid return envelope. IMO, that's the key....make it as easy for them as possible.

I gotta admit, it's been awhile, and I was starting to get a little worried that I'd never see my signed ticket again and maybe I'd wasted her Father's Day gift. I know these things can take some time, but for all I knew, it had fallen off the mail truck and never even got to him.

Today I opened my mailbox and he'd sent it back.

And now, what was a Inaugural Ticket signed by the VP, is now signed by both the VP and the President sworn in that day. For the price of a stamp.

Pretty effin' cool.
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Re: Easy Success with Jimmy Carter

Post by Greg2600 »

Wow, great item!
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