oldschoolwwwf's LOTR report

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oldschoolwwwf's LOTR report

Post by oldschoolwwwf » May 31st, 2009, 12:12 pm

I think it was 2004 or 2005 that I attended the first ever Legends of the Ring, pretty much the first convention I ever attended. To say that things have come a long way on the convention scene since then is a huge understatement. Today's LOTR is without question their best convention yet and probably one of the best conventions I have attended.

I'll break it down shortly but want to first give huge props to Terence, James, Dan and the entire LOTR staff. On paper, this convention had the potential to turn into chaos. A full VIP lineup, two huge LOTR vendor type guests, and what felt like an endless number of vendor guests. Kurt Angle needing to change times, two cancellations, LOTR talent being in separate rooms, with different signing times, I had no clue what to expect from an organization standpoint.

But LOTR delivered and came through big time. Everything was organized really well, signs were posted directing you where to go, announcements were made that you could actually hear, the lines moved really fast and orderly, it was about as smooth as a convention can go. Terence, James and crew really did an amazing job with such a potentially overwhelming show.

This was a show where from about 8:00 am until 2:30pm, I basically ran around like a madman to attempt to meet everyone I set out to. It felt like there was literally no time to relax throughout the day as things were going on constantly, from LOTR guests to vendors. I arrived at the show around 7:30 am, where I quickly bought the extras I needed and picked out my 8x10s. LOTR once again provided for sale a diverse array of good quality 8x10s of all featured guests. I then got on line to meet Kurt Angle. LOTR had to change Kurt's time from 8-11, rather than his original time from 9:30-12:30, due to Kurt's movie commitments. Props to LOTR for finding a way to work this out, otherwise we might have lost Kurt (and he was an important guest to me). They let 10 people at a time into the Kurt signing area, where I got 4 things signed. Although Kurt did seem a little out of it, and signed on the slower side, I still wound up with 4 beautiful signatures from him. I was also pleased with my photo opp.

After hanging with the MOM boys for a little while, it was time for the first signing session. All 100 ST holders go through the line for photographs in number order, then the same people go through again for autographs. First panel included Lex Luger, who although there were worries about his ability to sign, he signed his name beautifully. Lex was genuinely happy to be at the show. Zeus and Hillbilly Jim couldn't have been nicer and both seemed so psyched to be there. Sabu replaced Konnan (Sabu insisted that he moved during my photo opp and insisted that we do a re-take) and Kamala replaced Luna, both guests I have met before but still adequate additions to the show. Billy Jack Haynes was so appreciative that we wanted to meet him- after he signed my items, he said "Thanks for remembering an old man".

Regarding the cancellations, I was personally happy with the Kamala for Luna switch, since I wanted a good Kamala in full gimmick photo opp (which he was), but was disappointed with Konnan. I wasn't bothered by Nord's failure to appear since I met him before. The no show rumors began Friday night, with word that Konnan, Nord and one other unnamed guest were no shows. Since no one had seen Pat Patterson at the hotel Friday night, speculation ran that he was the other no show. Fortunately, that turned out to be not true, as Pat was there. There would be no other VIP talent no shows. No blame from me to LOTR for the cancellations- they sound like they were last minute, and cancellations happen somewhat frequently with these shows. Since neither of them were my main wants, not a huge deal to me. The remainder of the show more than made up for this, in my opinion.

In between sessions, I met the following vendors:
Debra, brought in by Signamania: George and Marc did an awesome job bringing her in, fairly priced, selling Debra figures I did not even know existed; Debra looked really great, much better than I thought she would due to a internet picture I had seen a while ago, and was really friendly.
King Kong Bundy: friendly as usual, needed a good digital photo opp with him.
Balls Mahoney and Axl Rotten- first time meets for me, very fairly priced, great combo photo with them both, holding chairs.
So Cal Val: got a photo opp and finally got her to sign my Charlotte poster;

It was then time for Taz. We lined up, by number, into one of the side rooms for this signing. Very smoothly run. I didn't know what to expect from Taz's demeanor but he was exceptionally friendly, signed my items (figure, 8x10, encyclopedia) and took a good photo opp- he is a big dude, bigger than I expected.

Then, back to the other vendors:
Giant Silva- wanted a digital photo opp with him, the price was a steal and the guy is ridiculously huge.
Butterbean, couldn't have been nicer- asked what kind of photo opp I wanted with him, friendly, stare down, etc.
The FBI, Stamboli, Palumbo, Nunzio- I opted for the combo with all three.
Nice job by Bill Paley bringing in Bean and the FBI- very smoothly run by Bill.
Sgt. Slaughter- brought in by Franklin Square Video- Sarge was awesome as usual and it is always a pleasure to deal with the FSV guys.
Bushwacker Luke, brought in by K and S- another great job by Ken and Steve, Luke made for a very colorful photo opp, one of my favorites of the day.

Then it was time for Sting, one of the day's highlights. We were lined up in a side room, 20 let in at a time for photos, then for autographs. They had a nice backdrop for the photo opps. Sting was in full face paint, wearing a cool looking trench coat. He was really friendly and much bigger than I thought he was. My first photo came out weird due to some strange light but Dan from LOTR was only too happy to allow me a re-take. Sting was great when it came time for the autographs, signing any way you asked. It looked like LOTR did a great job with him since there seemed to be an endless and constant line for Sting all afternoon.

Then more vendors:
Nidia and X-Pac, courtesy of Jason Blaustein- another perfect attendance rate for Jason, who did a nice job bringing in some rare names. Nidia was awesome, very talkative and friendly, seemed really happy to be there. X-Pac was in really good spirits as well. Nice job by Jason.
Manu- first time meet, couldn't pass on Afa's son.
Jimmy Snuka- awesome as always, I wanted a good stand up digital photo opp since my PWHOF picture with him was an over the table shot- Jimmy never disappoints.
Ray Rougeau- also wanted a stand up digital shot with him and his vendor price was unbelievably reasonable, a $10 combo, steal of the day.
Kid Kash- brought in courtesy of Greg Price- Greg ran a smooth table, providing us with a printed out by 8x10 of our photo opp with Kash, and will also send us the digital copy of the photo opp later- a very cool gesture by Greg, and a highlight of getting photo opps with people he brings in- Greg also runs the NWA Fanfest in Charlotte, which I am attending this August- looks to be an amazing show (Blackjack Mulligan, Windham, The Horsemen minus Flair, Fargos, Lewin, etc) and I highly recommend people to attend- you won't be disappointed.

Then time for the second block, ran just like the first block. I found the same LOTR staff member who took my pics for the first block, since he did a nice job the first time around- another great job by him.
Rick Martel- always a great guy. Had him sign an old PWI Supercards Poster (needs only Barry Windham and Mil Mascaras to complete). Rick asked me for the name of it so he could try to locate one of them for himself. I doubt he will, they are pretty rare.
Eric Bischoff- very talkative with me: I told him I enjoyed the Hogan show and that my wife enjoyed the Scott Baio shows- he thanked me for supporting his shows.
Ronnie Garvin- had met him in Charlotte but my photo opp didn't come out good down there so it was nice to get a good one here;
Frenchie Martin- 1st time meet, very cool photo opp with the monocle and seemed like a nice guy.
Pat Patterson- one of my top meets of the show; Pat was ultra friendly, very interested in the items I gave him to sign- I was very glad that Pat made it- got him to sign my WWE Top 50 magazine and an old program from a 1981 MSG card.
Sam Houston- met Sam before but for those that hadn't he seemed very excited to be there.
Steve Keirn- another first time meet and nice guy, who also took an interest in the items (magazines) I had him sign.
Ox Baker- a huge want on mine, Ox was awesome- makes a great photo opp.

Then the last few vendors, Lita, who was very friendly to me and Val Venis, a first time meet, Val was in great spirits today. Thanks to FSV for bringing him in, a great job by them.

A few closing comments- I find it so funny that so many wrestlers, when I place the WWE encyclopedia in front of them to sign, have no clue that this book even exists. They ask where they can get one, how much $$ was it, etc. I would have just figured that they would have a clue this book exists.

And one huge casualty for me, my silver sharpie, which has been giving me awesome autographs for about the last year. I must have given it someone to use or have one of the talents use it to sign and forgot to get it back. I will now be on the hunt to replace it.

LOTR brought in a very diverse array of talents- old school guests like Ox and Patterson, 80s stars like Kamala, Martel, Haynes and Keirn, 90s guys like Bischoff, Zeus, Lex and current top level type stars like Sting (and Taz even though Taz retired). This lineup consisted of 10 first time meets for me, which is awesome. The vendors were plentiful, great to deal with, appreciative of our business and helped make the show one of the busiest, but most enjoyable conventions I have attended.

Thanks again to the LOTR crew, as well as all vendors who's tables I visited. I am looking forward to seeing how LOTR tries to top this show in October.


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oldschoolwwwf's LOTR report

Post by WOODMO » May 31st, 2009, 1:03 pm

Great report Mike.

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oldschoolwwwf's LOTR report

Post by lanza218 » May 31st, 2009, 2:30 pm

couldnt have said it better myself, now whose up for LI clubing? :)

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oldschoolwwwf's LOTR report

Post by crossfire » May 31st, 2009, 5:08 pm

Great report...yah sometimes you find those silver sharpie's that just give great auto's for the longest time. Same thing happened to me at Signamania 2.

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oldschoolwwwf's LOTR report

Post by BHG738 » June 1st, 2009, 8:40 am

Good read - I always enjoy these.

What did you do wife/child wise in the end?

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oldschoolwwwf's LOTR report

Post by oldschoolwwwf » June 1st, 2009, 10:04 am

thebestman wrote:Good read - I always enjoy these.

What did you do wife/child wise in the end?

my wife and isaac did not come to the show- it would have been way too crazy to have them there, even for a few minutes for isaac to meet everyone; i will probably bring him to jason's comic con show in nyc in mid-june since i only need iron shiek and nikki ziering, so should hopefully be an in and out thing- a perfect show for him to tag along.

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oldschoolwwwf's LOTR report

Post by oldschoolwwwf » June 1st, 2009, 10:55 am

it was a really good sharpie- lucas can vouch for it as i have passed it to him many times.
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