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2 Wrestlemania Flashback reports!

Posted: April 6th, 2018, 10:55 am
by oldschoolwwwf
In honor of this being mania weekend, here are 2 flashback reports when I was into this stuff way more then I am now. Those were awesome times, especially the Atlanta trip, which I posted a very lengthy report but it doesn't seem to be here any more. Here is a way condensed version of that weekend, along with NJ '14 which I don't think I ever posted. Good times back then, esp Atlanta, where VIPs were out for the first time ever at a Mania and me and Lucas both went online at 10:00 am Ticketmaster (might have been presale date) and were able to easily pick up VIps for Cena, edge, Taker, Orton, HHH and HBK with no problem at all. There were other VIPs (think Rey was one, might have been another but we didnt need them but could have had them easily as well.) A lot of these names, while mean nothing today, were actually good names back then.

2014: New Jersey

Wednesday, stopped at a spot on my way home for a combo with Joey Mercury (ency).

Thursday: hit a spot for many NXT guys. Pics with Xavier Woods, Dante Dash, Cory Greaves, Adrian Neville, an auto with Dusty Rhodes on AWA poster, Trish combo (encyc), pic with Kevin Owens. Then drove into NYC to Hurricane Sandy Lillian on red carpet in encyclopedia..waited for Rock but no dice...went inside with Lanza, Dana, Lucas, etc, pics with the following: Brodius, cena, Barrett, Dibiase, lawler, Hayes, Ziggler, Run DMC, Shamus, Jericho, Miss USA & Teen USA, Layla, Sammie & Ronnie from Jersey Shore, Miz, Joe Buck, Del Rio, Kingston, Truth, Cody, Eden Stiles, Kaitlynn, Sammi & Snooki, Foley, Stephanie mcMahon, JBL, Hornswoggle, Alicia, Lillian, Eva marie (who hadn't debuted yet).

Rock did an quick interview but didnt mingle...Food, booze, everyone dressed up, VIP room upstairs, was a very cool event...

The next day, AXXESS Friday night for Cena..I was able to score a VIP for him, which I lucked into but his was apparently tough to get. Only reason I wanted him was because he had turned down signing a poster I had in a street meet and I figured at an Axxess, he'd sign it. I was right.

I got the print out of who was appearing and where and went straight to Aksana, got program signed..Took money in bank ladder pic, pic with Sin Cara, other attractions, got 2 harley Race autos in my Missouri poster, Cena VIP (got dreamcards poster signed and 8x10, pic), backstage tour, Hacksaw Duggan signing back there, got RAW backdrop picture...

Next day, Saturday, Wrestlecon...Pics: Ariel (encyc), Ashley, Kelly kelly (ency) , Beth Phoenix (encyc), Brian Lee (ency), Dave Penzer, Heidi Lee Morgan, Nigel McGuinness, Paul Roma (ency-3) , Wolfie D...

Autos only: ency: Chaz, Morrison, Credible (4) , Jazz, Abs, Spivey, Rikishi (wcw), Horowitz (wcw), reed (wcw poster), Terri, Typhoon, Jannetty, Sandman, Virgil, Volkoff, Dibiase (missouri), Eadie, Darsow, billy graham (my poster, wcw, top 100, magazine).

That night I took my nephews , then 15 and 11 to Axxess...we went to my nephew's favorite first, Kofi...also met Sasha banks, Emma, money in bank pics, Sin Cara, Brae Wyatt, Alex Riley, Brad Maddox, Tensai.

Next day: Wrestlemania- took my wife and nephews to the matches.

Atlanta, 2011- hit this trip with former Board members Latino Heat and MishedOut- this was also pre Wrestlecon days.

First day, Wednesday, lucked into a spot where we basically got anything we wanted, combos, multiples, etc from Slater, Watson, tatsu, Hornswoggle, Barrett, Scott Armstrong, Ziggler, Darren Young, Alicia Fox, DH Smith, Ezekliel jackson, Kingston, Tyson Kidd, Shamus, Ryder, refs Doan, Patton, Cone, Eve, Riley, gabriel. Then hit to the Atlanta airport for Rock tip but that didnt pan out. Instead, we met Cole, Miz and Del Rio. Back to the original spot and met Santino, Morrison, primo.

Thursday: Kaitlynn, Connor Obrien, Mike Quiota, kane- then Axxess, first time they were doing VIP's so didnt know what to expect but it was like it is now, a guaranteed combo. That evening, got the following : Khlali auto; Chavo combo; Swagger combo; Gail Kim photo; Katelynn photo;
Michelle Mccool and Layla photo; Hornswaggle combo; Cole auto; Morrison combo; Randy Orton VIP combo. Then back to original spot: Sunny, Rosa, Ricardo, Justin Roberts, JTG, Christian, Evan Bourne, Kelly kelly.

Friday: spent a good part of the day recovering from the 2 previous days. That nights Axxess:
Kozlov photo; Cena VIP combo; Melina photo; Richter combo; regal combo; Edge VIP combo; Maryse and Alicia photo. Back to original spot where we met Todd Grisham, Natalaya, Jimmy Uso, Road warrior Animal's kid, Byron saxton, Edge again.

Saturday: Axxess again:
Ted Dibiase Jr combo; Barrett, gabriel and Slater photo; Dibiase sr auto; Usos photo; Tatsu combo; CM Punk combo; Goldust combo; R Truth combo; VIP HHH combo; Natalia combo; Kane photo; Sin Cara photo (he was about to debut or had just debuted); Bearer photo in Taker's graveyard; Henry combo; Lita photo; Rosa photo; Undertaker VIP combo; Hugo Sanonavich (announcer), Bellas photo, Tamina photo.

Sunday morning Axxess; R Truth photo; Trish photo; HBK VIP combo; Eve photo. Then the matches, where Rock made his first real appearance in years to guest host the event.

The only two names I wanted but didnt get to meet were Rock and Beth Phoenix, both of who I met in later years.

Was a tremendous trip, one that I don't think I'd ever be able to duplicate. I sort of regretted not going to New orleans a couple years ago, because the combo of New orleans, an easy Mr. t meet, and watching taker lose/ Daniel Bryan win would have been awesome.

I plan to hopefully hit an Axxess next year (as long as it isnt in brooklyn) and probably Wrestlecon (as long as not brooklyn), as well as mania itself next year.

Re: 2 Wrestlemania Flashback reports!

Posted: April 6th, 2018, 11:17 am
by ICW
That is incredible. Next year will be my first WrestleCon (and probably Axxess) plus all the Indie shows that will be running and I cannot wait.

You cleaned up, man. So awesome.

Re: 2 Wrestlemania Flashback reports!

Posted: April 7th, 2018, 12:13 pm
by Greg2600
I've certainly heard 2nd hand about the Atlanta trip, not sure anybody can do that well anymore with a Mania. One of my friends has been going to every Mania with his buddies for like 15 years now.

Re: 2 Wrestlemania Flashback reports!

Posted: April 7th, 2018, 5:59 pm
by class316
I remember when these were new. Wow I feel old.

On a separate note, I see the beautiful displays people are getting photo ops with at Axxess. They had NOTHING that good when it was last in NJ

Re: 2 Wrestlemania Flashback reports!

Posted: April 8th, 2018, 6:24 pm
by oldschoolwwwf
agreed those axxess back drops look really cool.