Don Zimmer Passes Away

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Don Zimmer Passes Away

Post by luiginyc84 » June 4th, 2014, 10:58 pm ... m:mlbonfox
Don Zimmer, a most popular fixture in professional baseball for 66 years as a manager, player, coach and executive, died Wednesday. He was 83.
Zimmer was still working for the Tampa Bay Rays as a senior adviser, and the team said he died at a hospital in nearby Dunedin.
Zimmer had been in a rehabilitation center in Florida since having seven hours of heart surgery in mid-April.
"Today we all lost a national treasure and a wonderful man," Rays principal owner Stuart Sternberg said in a statement.
Zimmer started out as a minor league infielder in 1949. Easily recognizable for the big chaw that always seemed to be in his cheek, he went to enjoy one of the longest-lasting careers in baseball history.
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Re: Don Zimmer Passes Away

Post by WOODMO » June 5th, 2014, 8:20 am

Don Zimmer was a NY legend :sad: He looked like my dad's mother, so I used to get some laughs with family referring to my grandmother as Don Zimmer.

I met him back in 2001, and while I hear he's bad on the street or outside stadiums, he was great at the signing.


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Re: Don Zimmer Passes Away

Post by Jason1980s » June 5th, 2014, 4:10 pm

Great photo and glad you had a good experience with him. I've never really read much about his IP personality, despite his lengthy presence in baseball.
I'm always fascinated by guys like Don or Tom Lasorda who have given decades of their life to baseball. It's good to see them doing it for so long.

As for his autograph, there have been strong rumors that Don Zimmer's wife signed his ttm autographs for him. The noticeable difference is the ttm autographs are neater and have a closed D which flows upwards as opposed to Don's IP which are less neat and feature a slightly opened D which flows downward. It only takes a few comparisons of the D to see truth of the rumor. For anyone thinking of buying his autograph now, definitely do some research and don't get caught up in feeling you "have to have it" now that he's gone.
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