Inroducing Fantasy MMA World to Marked Out

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Inroducing Fantasy MMA World to Marked Out

Post by FantasyMMAWorld » August 8th, 2012, 8:34 pm

Hey guys:

First off, I'd like to thank one of Marked Out's Owner's, Lanza218, for inviting me to post this on here.

Fantasy MMA World is a UFC fantasy league that I started back in January of this year. Here's how it works.

Main Contest:

1. Each season lasts for 3 months and costs $20 to join.

2. For every UFC card, you pick 1) who wins, 2) the method, and 3) the round each fight is going to end. Additionally, you also choose what you think will be the Fight, Submission, and Knockout of the Night.

3. Score is as follows.

- For main event fights, you get 6 points for the winner, 3 points for the method, and 3 points for the round.

- For main card fights, you get 4 points for the winner, 2 for the method, and 2 for the round.

- For prelims, you get 2 points for the winner, 1 for the method, and 1 for the round.

- Each card has a "hot fight" - this is the prelim with the closest betting odds according to 5Dimes Sportsbook. This fight has main card scoring.

- Each of the fight bonuses is worth 4 points. An additional 4 points is rewarded for correctly picking all 3 fight bonuses.

4. Scores are cumulative, and at the end of the three month season - the person with the most points gets 2 tickets to a UFC PPV event, including hotel and airfare 2nd place gets a Kindle Fire. We also pay out 3rd, 4th, and 5th place.

5. Additionally, the highest scorer for each week's card receives a $50 Amazon gift card. Mostly likely, this prize will increase for next season.

The Battle for Bloodshed:

1. This is a weekly side contest that we run. The goal of the contest is to pick the fighters you think are going to get their asses kicked the worst.

2. You draft a team of fighters. You rank them confidence style based on who you think is most likely to lose the quickest.

3. Points are as follows:

- If your fighters loses in the 1st round - 1000 pts.

- If your fighter loses in the 2nd round - 750 pts

- If your fighter loses in the 3rd round (or later in the case of championship fights) - 500 pts

- If your fighter loses by decision - 250pts

- If your fighter wins in any fashion - you lose 1000 points.

4. Your picks are weighted according to your confidence rankings. Your top pick's score is multiplied by 5, 2nd pick by 4, 3rd pick by 3, 4th pick by 2, 5th pick by 1. This may seem complicated, but once you play the game is very simple and very fun.

5. Each week's winner receives a sweet t-shirt from Shosen Apparel - the OFFICIAL clothing sponsor of Fantasy MMA World.

Bracket Brawl:

1. This is another side game that the first 64 people to join each season are automatically entered in.

2. You face 1 person each week - whoever has the highest score in the main contest that week moves onto the next round.

3. The winner gets free entry into the new season. This has quickly become one of the most popular features of our site.

New for Next Season - The Method of Madness - Fantasy MMA World's first ever TEAM game

This will be an incredible game unlike any other on any fantasy site. We are very excited to be bringing this to all paying members of the league.


The new season starts October 1st, and the signup is open now. Check us out at - you guys can also leave a comment here or email me at with any questions, comments, and suggestions that you have.

I'm looking forward to chatting with you guys more.

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