2014 UFC Pick 'em League Now Open

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2014 UFC Pick 'em League Now Open

Post by jwill55nets » December 22nd, 2013, 2:19 pm

Over the last 2 years the current format has been fun, but it now seems that everybody is looking at Vegas lines for the most part which really has taken away from the challenge. Therefore, I have come up with a new scoring system to use for this coming year. If you have any questions please let me know.

• We will only be picking the main card, and you will pick every fight.
• Picking the correct fighter in a title fight is worth 10 points
• Picking the correct fighter in every Non-Title Main Event is worth 8 points
• Picking the correct fighter in every Non Title Co-Main event is worth 7 Points (so if there are 2 title fighters they are each worth 10, and there is no 7 point co-main)
• Picking the correct fighter in any other fight is 5 points.
• In addition we will be picking the round of finish and method of finish for every fight. IF you pick the winner you can receive 2 point for the correct method of victory and 2 for method of victory. This is doubled for all main events, co-main events, and title fights.
• All draws and no contents will be scored as loses (0 Points)
• All fights that take place will be scored, even if they are a catchweight
• Any fight that does not take place will not be scored (this will effect everybody equally)
• If a result is changed after the fight points will be changed even after fight night
• All picks are due 11:59 PM the day before the fights, all late submissions will not be counted. You can submit 2 events late, but they must be submitted before the main card begins
• Picks cannot be changed after submitted.

The league will be $50 to enter. As of June 30th, the winner will receive $50. As of December 31st the person in second place will receive $100, the winner will receive all remaining entry fee money.

If you are interested, or if you have any friends who are, please let me know ASAP. If there are not 10 or more people interested as of 1/1 I will not run the pool.

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