Anyone else no longer buying admission tickets in advance

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Anyone else no longer buying admission tickets in advance

Post by zuko3984 »

Is anyone else no longer going to buy admission tickets in advance because of the no refund policy almost all convention have in place?
I've been going to cons for most of my life and I know you buy an admission to the show and not to see a specific guest but the guest cancelations recently have gotten out of hand in my opinion.
Baltimore Celebfest looks like it is going to have a bunch of cancelations. AEW is now having Dynamite that week on Saturday instead of Wednesday so most if not all the AEW stars will probably have to cancel. That's like 6 guests which includes probably the 3 biggest names at the show.
The big event is probably also going to have the AEW stars also have to cancel because AEW moved the ppv from the 6th to the 13th. They are probably going to loose 5 guests including the main headliner Kenny Omega.
I just feel like when a certain amount of guests cancel especially when the headliner guest is one of them there should be some flexibility in the refund policy. I know this isn't going to happen so I am going to avoid buying admission tickets in advance in almost all cases from now on.
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Re: Anyone else no longer buying admission tickets in advance

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I rarely pre-order ANYTHING in person traditionally, and almost nothing now. I have so few definite wants at these conventions that it just makes no sense to be stuck with a ticket when those wants cancel. Hardly anything will be sold out anymore, the demand is just not there, and these promoters will wish to sell as many admission tickets as possible. For instance, about 10 days prior, I advised a friend to buy the Michael J. Fox Awesome Con pro op, to be sure he's not sold out. Then if Fox cancels, he gets a refund and is not stuck with a $65 badge he won't use.
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