Question on WWE axxess

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Question on WWE axxess

Post by Pbruno34 » April 8th, 2018, 12:56 pm


With wrestlemania coming into the NY/NJ area next year, I was thinking of going to axxess as I have never done that before. I am sure some of you have and was wondering what was the event like.

For example, do you pay a flat fee to get in and do you get a photo and auto combo? Or do you have to pay on top per talent like a convention?

Are the lines completely insane depending upon the talent?

Is there enough time to get with the talent available or do you have to pick and chose like you do sometimes at conventions?


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Re: Question on WWE axxess

Post by Greg2600 » April 8th, 2018, 1:54 pm

The tickets go up on ticket master if I recall, and you are lucky to get some of them. When you show up, you can have an item signed and get the photo.
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Re: Question on WWE axxess

Post by mrira » April 9th, 2018, 5:21 pm

Depending on the talent will depend on how quickly they sellout, I think one of the few names I heard sold out this year was Braun Strowman. How are the lines for the other activities. I didn't do anything 29 weekend, but that Sandy party & I'd like to experience more this year.

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Re: Question on WWE axxess

Post by hack87 » April 9th, 2018, 8:35 pm

Last time they were in NJ I just went to WrestleCon where I could pay for and meet exactly who I wanted to meet. In the NY/NJ area Axxess is going to be a madhouse. For top names you're paying around $150, which will get you a guaranteed autograph (1) and an over-the-table photo op (1) with the specific talent, plus admission to one of many Axxess sessions (they run up to three per day). For around $100, you'll get to meet a VIP name about a step below, and you'll get one autograph and an over-the-table photo op with that wrestler, as well as admission to that specific Axxess session. And for about $50 you can attend one Axxess session and get whatever you can get. They announce tentative lineups for each session a couple weeks before Mania. Some are set up at signing booths where you can get one item signed and try to sneak an over-the-table photo op with them. Some are at photo op booths where you'll actually get a standing photo op next to them and nothing signed. Sometimes you'll stand in a line and by the time you get up to the front they'll switch one wrestler for another because time has run out.

If you have children who want to see the matches and take part in the non-meet and greet activities, it's probably worth it -- or if you're a fan of almos the entire roster and would be happy to meet whoever you end up meeting.

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