MonsterMania wristband question

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MonsterMania wristband question

Post by AJLe » August 21st, 2018, 1:04 pm

Looking at the MonsterMania FB, it seems that anytime anybody brought up questions about the purpose/efficiency of the "scannable" wristbands, Dave pretty much ALWAYS fell back on the argument that it prevents "counterfeiters" (Which tells me that he was much more concerned with this issue than addressing the overcrowding/parking/line/etc. issues, but that's another story). I supposed the wristbands with the scanning thing in them would prevent people from literally photocopying wristbands, if that was ever a thing, but would it really stop people from cutting/taping used wristbands, either for reselling or sharing with friends? Granted, it forces the staffer to actually look at your wristband somewhat closely, so the people who were really obvious about wearing a cut wristband would get caught, but if it was cut/taped in a non-obvious way, the band would presumably still scan, right?

From my own personal experience, I had to be scanned 8+ times to get into the side room where John Milius was, and that was with a 100% legit and paid for wristband, so if crowd flow was the main point of going to the scanning process, it seems like the whole thing was likely an epic failure. If the overcrowding issue was really better on Saturday (I wasn't there), it's likely because they simply sold fewer tickets, which could have been accomplished with or without scannable wristbands.

So my question is, I'm just curious if the scanning really prevented cut/taped/shared wristbands, or is Dave just wasting fans' time and his money with the scanning? If people don't want to go on a public message board with their own experiences sharing wristbands, maybe somebody heard from some mysterious "friend of theirs" who did or didn't get in with a shared wristband, lol... :noneofmybusiness:

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Re: MonsterMania wristband question

Post by Greg2600 » August 21st, 2018, 1:33 pm

I think he wasted his money. I mean, how many wristbands are really shared or resold at MM? I would bet very, very, very few. Did it help with crowds? I doubt it. His primary guests were repeats, that's why it wasn't a zoo.
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