Potterverse Con, Dead Cross and John Waters in Baltimore, MD

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Potterverse Con, Dead Cross and John Waters in Baltimore, MD

Post by Joresky » September 13th, 2017, 10:10 am

This past weekend I met some celebrities in Baltimore. On Friday I tried for some music names including Dwight Yoakam and the rock band Dead Cross (featuring Mike Patton of Faith No More and Dave Lombardo of Slayer). I tried for Dwight Yoakam first and he exited the venue with security guards but when we asked for photos he politely declined but said he would sign our items on the bus. I only brought one CD cover so he signed that for me but since I got no photo I consider this a fail since autographs mean very little to me. Next I tried for the rock band Dead Cross at a different venue. I saw a random celebrity come out of the venue, director John Waters. John is a local Baltimore guy so it wasn't too surprising seeing him here since I have seen him at a couple other rock shows over the years. The first band member to come out was Dave Lombardo who was also the drummer for Slayer. Dave was cool and took care of everyone who asked. Next I got a photo with Trey Spruance who is the former guitarist of Faith No More and Mr Bungle. He played in the opening band Secret Chiefs. Next we noticed the car that was waiting pulled over to the side of the venue so we quickly followed and the rest of the band exited the venue from the side door. We all pounced on Mike Patton who is the lead singer of Dead Cross and of course the lead singer of Faith No More and Mr Bungle. My camera was messing up.. it was on the wrong mode because someone tapped one of the buttons on there so it took a few tries to get a decent photo with Mike but thankfully I managed to get a decent selfie. I also got Mike to sign my Faith No More CD but he wouldnt sign all three of my CDs that I brought. No biggie since the photo is the real prize for me. Next I got Mike Crain, the guitarist of Dead Cross but unfortunately I missed the bassist. At this point I went home because I needed to get some rest before going to Potterverse Con (Hthe next day.

On Saturday I got up and headed downtown. I didn't wake up too early because I knew I only had 5 celebrities to get at the con and it shouldn't take me the whole day. Also there were two professional photo op sessions with everyone so my plan was to try to get them at their tables for less and if that didn't work get them at the second professional photo session. It turns out the only celebrity offering table ops was Natalia Tena who was $20 for a table op. Natalia was very cool.. she was also in Game of Thrones. I decided to skip autographs at this con because it pretty expensive to get both the picture and the autograph. Natalia was charging $40 for an autograph and the others were either $40 or $30 per autograph and picture with no combo pricing. Unfortunately I had to do pro ops for everyone else but the pro op prices were somewhat reasonable ($30 or $40 each and digital copies were no additional charge). The pro op session started at 6 pm and lasted until 7 pm and it ran very smoothly. I got pro ops with Chris Rankin, Sean Biggerstaff, Devon Murray and Afshan Azad. The photos were on the photographers website later that night and looked really good in my opinion. Overall, I had a great weekend of meeting celebrities in Baltimore. Its always nice to meet celebs in my backyard. :like:
Me and actress Natalia Tena
Me and actor Sean Biggerstaff
Me and actor Devon Murray
Me and actor Chris Rankin
Me and actress Afshan Azad
Me and Mike Patton, lead singer of Faith No More, Mr Bungle and Dead Cross
Me and Dave Lombardo, drummer of Slayer and Dead Cross
Me and Michael Crain, guitarist of Dead Cross
Me and Trey Spruance, former guitarist of Faith No More and Mr Bungle
Me and director John Waters
Mike Patton signed CD
Dave Lombardo and Michael Crain signed Dead Cross CD

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Re: Potterverse Con, Dead Cross and John Waters in Baltimore, MD

Post by lanza218 » September 13th, 2017, 2:07 pm

Very cool

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Re: Potterverse Con, Dead Cross and John Waters in Baltimore, MD

Post by MrTonyRuben » September 14th, 2017, 3:12 pm

Good stuff, Joresky! Wanted to get Natalia, but couldn't make the short trip up

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