Smallville Marked Out Butterfly Random Combo Effect!

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Smallville Marked Out Butterfly Random Combo Effect!

Post by Greg2600 » February 20th, 2018, 12:14 pm

Butterfly effect you ask? Well, in this case it always to the great WB/CW series Smallville, and how a series or often random choices and circumstances led me to quite a nice random from that show. So here’s how it all started…..

I spent quite a while searching for a decent image I wanted to have printed for a Smallville cast piece, to have it signed at Awesome Con. Well I just didn’t like what I was finding, so I went to the Smallville fanatic cmshowstopper :perplexed: to see what he’s found in the past. Well he hadn’t found anything I was big on either. In the course of chatting, I mentioned that John Glover was doing one of his many shows in NYC. CM said he was not able to get to town before it ended, so I offered to get his poster signed when I go. I don’t do a lot of street graphing anymore, it’s just a nuisance, but John is automatic and wouldn’t be hounded by anyone but me, that’s for sure. Ironically, one of the last times I did this, when I went to return the signed DVD to my friend, he alerted me of celebs and I got Oscar Isaac and Ezra Miller there! I did wind up printing a textless cover from the first Smallville comic annual as an 11x14.

So several days go by, and I ask CM about it, and he admits he forgot to send it. I reply that I’m going for John on said night, but if I don’t, I won’t have time again for like a week. Well the weather was terrible, and I forgot I could wait inside there, so I didn’t go, which allowed CM to mail me the poster. I did leave my stuff in the car though.

Now it really get’s nutty. So the following week, with drizzles, I go for Priestley and Grenier, and decide to stop at the show for Glover’s co-star Marsha Mason. I described this in my last report. Well CM’s poster was at home, and I would have felt pretty shitty if I got my thing signed and then never went back, so I just got Marsha op and left. I tried to stay out of sight of Glover, so as not to make it seem like I was there every night. Plus my original choice was the following night, and for that reason I decide I’ll give it another day.

The following night, too damn cold to go out, so the next would be the night! I leave work, and get Mark Rylance, as reported before. After this I hop on the subway, and head down. I walk to the spot, and as I get there, there’s few people inside, including someone getting coffee. As I look in I realize it’s John, and before I can run in for him, he takes his coffee and sprints back into the internal doors.

Crap, so now I’m forced to come back later. So I just want to recap this now…..
1. Smallville alums announced for Awesome Con.
2. I look for an image to print, but not happy with results, and chat with CM.
3. CM forgets to mail his poster.
4. I can’t go on the first night I want, due to weather.
5. CM mails the poster, I make a last minute decision to get Mason, but don’t have his poster on me.
6. I opt to give it a couple days in between.
7. After getting Rylance, I arrive SECONDS late for John, and have to wait for exits.

Alright, so I hang out in the bookstore for awhile to stay warm and charge my phone. Then I walk back, joined by a friend who needed a Glover upgrade photo. We went inside to stay out of the cold, and as people are leaving, I see a cute, short blonde. She looks familiar but at first I can’t place her, thinking maybe it’s just someone I met in the past. I get a better look as she’s speaking with her friends, and I’m like 99% sure it’s Allison Mack aka Chloe Sullivan! That plus obviously the John Glover connection.


Shocked, I go up, and say, “hey hey is that you Allison??” She laughed, and was incredibly gracious, and sweet. She signed the cast pieces happily and posed for photos for the two of us. Then John exited, and was his usual friendly if not cantankerous self. Really an amazing random, and honestly, right up there in terms of unexpectedness with me spotting Indy 500 great Danny Sullivan last year.




Signed 11x14
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Re: Smallville Marked Out Butterfly Random Combo Effect!

Post by MrTonyRuben » February 20th, 2018, 12:43 pm

Great stuff, Greg! Allison has always been a sweetheart and glad to hear Glover is still friendly too.

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Re: Smallville Marked Out Butterfly Random Combo Effect!

Post by cmshowstopper » February 20th, 2018, 6:59 pm

You're welcome for me forgetting to mail out my poster.

LMAO! But no shit...the Allison Mack graph is truly an amazing get for me and I owe you for that. Thanks again
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Re: Smallville Marked Out Butterfly Random Combo Effect!

Post by class316 » February 22nd, 2018, 10:55 pm


Epic butterfly effect!
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