Some scattered meets throughout May

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Some scattered meets throughout May

Post by class316 » July 11th, 2018, 4:39 pm

After the week long endeavor in NYC (report still coming) while driving back I stopped by a venue for Jaden Smith. I figured I have his parents would be neat to get him. Sadly he was an asshole. I got one of his band members no idea who.

barely valid: ... a31f_b.jpg

Next up I geared up for Richard Petty, the only race car driver I care to meet. I go to the place but never see him so sadly he must have used the garage. I only got race car driver Ricky Stenhouse Jr, a pure pokemon name for me. I did see Mark Henry and Dana Warrior at the event but simply told them hello as I had no need for more photo ops. Bust.

Photo op: ... b1fe_b.jpg

Had flights for both Russo brothers. They were both nice. Got autos didn't need photo ops since I got a dual op in the past.

Autographs: ... 0a65_c.jpg

Next up I had a flight for John Corbett and Bo Derek. Already got Bo but was super excited for John because I've tried for him multiple times in the past. First time the photo op came out blurry and the other times he was a dick. Arrive and graphers go crazy over Bo. I of course ask John while this is happening and to my shock he goes "suuurreee" in a super cheerful way. Though he is a strict one per for autos. I get Bo as well. John is wearing a hat and has spectacles but this is more than good enough to never try for him again.

John Corbett: ... c4dd_b.jpg

Bo Derek: ... 10fb_b.jpg

Autographs: ... 9016_c.jpg

Next day I go to a venue for someone else I've failed on in the past, Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day fame. It got pretty crowded after the show so I braced for the worst. But to my shock Billie was accommodating to EVERYONE doing combos for anyone who asked. I couldn't believe this was happening. To boot, I heard the next night he was not so accommodating. So I really lucked out!

Photo op: ... af35_b.jpg

Autograph: ... 243b_c.jpg

Day after that was the event for John Corbett and Bo Derek. My main want here is actor Graham Greene. Thankfully he is the first get! Score! Got upgrades with Leona Lewis and actress Allison Janney. Also got up and coming actress Cynthia Erivo (who I actually missed in NYC). Plus a couple of pure pokemons. Never saw John or Bo but thankfully I had gotten them at the airport.

Graham Greene: ... b7a7_b.jpg

Full list of photo ops: ... 5caa_o.jpg

And finally I wanted to virgilize Willie Nelson. Sadly the venue were being absolute dicks and it was raining so this would not be. I did however get two of his band members. One guy was getting an album from 1979 signed by them so they must have been with him for a while.

Photo ops: ... 0b9d_o.jpg
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