Buckcherry, P.O.D, Lit,+ More in Baltimore, MD

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Buckcherry, P.O.D, Lit,+ More in Baltimore, MD

Post by adelta13 » July 17th, 2018, 1:16 am

Saturday (July 7th), I was off at work so my friend and I decided to attend a Buckcherry, P.O.D, Lit concert. I went down earlier to try to meet members of the band. Buckcherry and P.O.D are two of my favorite rock bands so it was a no-brainer to go down early. First member I see is Wuv Bernardo (Original Drummer of P.O.D), and get a photo with him. Next up is Kelly LeMieux (Bassist of Buckcherry, formerly of M.D. 45), I get a photo with him. He insisted on moving his shades half down. I then get a photo with Kevin Roentgen (Guitarist of Buckcherry) who was kinda weird but took a photo with no problem! I then see Josh Todd (Original Lead Singer of Buckcherry) walking toward me, and I asked him for a photo. He goes "Uhm sure", and takes a photo with me! Wuv Bernardo and Sonny Sandoval (Original Lead Singer of P.O.D) come off their bus, and Wuv says to Sonny. "Hey man go and take a photo with this guy". Comes right over and tells me how he broke his finger the night before. Really cool guy! Next up is Marcos Curiel (Guitarist of POD) comes over and takes a photo with me. I then start seeing members of Lit appearing. I get a photo with Ryan Gillmor (Guitarist of Lit), then get a photo with Lead Singer of Lit A.Jay Popoff, who was very nice. Next up is Jeremy Popoff (Backing Vocal/Guitarist of Lit). He comes over, we talked about this country band then he takes a photo with me! Next up is Traa Daniels (Bass Guitarist of POD), he comes over and takes a photo with me. I then get photos with Evan Kilbourne (Lit Drummer), Stevie D (Buckcherry Guitarist), then Kevin Baldes (Bass Guitarist of Lit). I then get a photo with Buckcherry Drummer Sean Winchester. While waiting, Kevin of Lit comes up to me after he's done walking Baltimore if I wanted an water. I'm like sure! He goes on the bus and gets the water, then comes off with the water and a pick of Jeremy Popoff. Super nice guy!

Image Wuv Bernardo of POD

Image Kelly LeMieux of Buckcherry

Image Kevin Roentgen of Buckcherry

Image Josh Todd, Lead Singer of Buckcherry

Image Sonny Sandoval, Lead Singer of POD

Image Marcos Curiel of POD

Image Ryan Gillmore of Lit

Image A. Jay Popoff of Lit

Image Jeremy Popoff of Lit

Image Traa Daniels of POD

Image Evan Kilbourne of Lit

Image Stevie D of Buckcherry

Image Kevin Baldes of Lit

Image Sean Winchester of Buckcherry

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Re: Buckcherry, P.O.D, Lit,+ More in Baltimore, MD

Post by Greg2600 » July 17th, 2018, 2:36 pm

I saw these bands like 15+ years ago, ha ha, where has the time gone. Funny thing is I probably wouldn't recognize anybody if they were right in my face. Always enjoyed their work, nice work.
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