Counting Stars With an Eagle and a Bad Santa

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Counting Stars With an Eagle and a Bad Santa

Post by adelta13 » August 8th, 2018, 9:37 pm

July 23rd: Had an outgoing flight on rock band Rise Against. First up is Brandon Barnes (Drummer), who was nice but standoffish, signed a few things for me and my buddy, he then took a photo with me. Next up is Zach Blair (Guitarist), he was overly nice, signed and took a photo with me. Next up is Tim Mcllrath (Lead Singer), who was the nicest of all them. Signed a lot for my buddy and I then took a photo with both of us. Unfortunately we didn't see Joe Principe (Bassist).

July 26th: This day was in store for an fruitful day. My buddy and I went to a spot for James Taylor with chances of seeing randoms. While waiting at this spot, my buddy spotted Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Timothy B Schmidt of the Eagles! I approached him for a photo and he agreed to it! I now have Timothy and Joe Walsh of the Eagles. I then get an updated photo with Blue Lou Marini of the Blue Brothers. Next up is James Taylor, he signs but ignores the photo with request :gah:

Next up is host of flights on one of favorite bands OneRepublic (Counting Stars, Kids, Secrets, If I Lose Myself, etc). First up is Ryan Tedder (Lead Singer), he comes through. We approach and he had no problem at all. He signed and happily took a photo with me. Pretty cool thing is he and I had a 5 minute conversation it was a cool experience because usually celebrities aren't really interested in talking but he was cool. Next up is Brent Kutzle (Bassist), he was nice enough to signed and take a photo with me but his driver was a complete dick. Randomly ran into DJ Spinderella of Salt n Peppa and got a photo with her. We had an hour gap in between until the next flight so we waited around. Next up is Zach Filkins (Guitarist), he was super cool, signed and I got a photo with him. Finally the night is coming to a close. Next up is Drew Brown (Guitarist) and touring member Brian Willett (Keyboards). They were both super cool, signed and took photos!

July 27th:The Following day, I went to an arena football championship game. I was able to get a photo with Washington Capitals/Washington Wizards Ted Leonsis. Later in the night, I got a photo with Washington Valors Wide Receiver Reggie Gray who happened to be holding the AFL championship trophy so I thought it was a cool op to get.

August 3rd: I went to a spot and got an updated photo with Actor Kevin Bacon (Footloose, Apollo 13, etc).

August 7th: I went to a spot for Actor Billy Bob Thornton (Friday Night Lights, Bad Santa, Armageddon, etc). I never got him so I was pumped for this opportunity. We were waiting around, and one of my buddies showed up late, and he's like Hey guys Billy Bob is standing in the back smoking. We went to the back and I approached him for a photo and he happily agreed!

Image Brandon Barnes of Rise Against
Image Zach Blair of Rise Against

Image Tim Mcllrath of Rise Against

Image Timothy B Schmidt of the Eagles

Image Blue Lou Marini

Image Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic

Image Brent Kutzle of OneRepublic

Image DJ Spinderella

Image Zach Filkins of OneRepublic

Image Brian Willet, Touring Member of OneRepublic

Image Drew Brown of OneRepublic

Image Ted Leonsis

Image Reggie Gray

Image Kevin Bacon

Image Billy Bob Thornton

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Re: Counting Stars With an Eagle and a Bad Santa

Post by Greg2600 » August 8th, 2018, 9:41 pm

OneRepublic, Timothy nice. Billy Bob is pretty nice, which is why I was pissed his tour completely SKIPPED the New York metro area! Wait, they still play Arena Football?
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Re: Counting Stars With an Eagle and a Bad Santa

Post by Btvsp3 » August 9th, 2018, 7:22 pm

Jealous of Billy Bob!
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