Yankees Batting Practice Block Party

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Yankees Batting Practice Block Party

Post by ICW » July 8th, 2017, 6:26 pm

A few days ago, the New York Yankees announced that they would be hosting their first-ever "Batting Practice Block Party" on July 3rd. Gates 6 & 8 would open at 4:00 PM - an hour earlier than usual - and they were advertising a DJ, face painting, autographs and photo ops with current and former Yankees...wait! Stop it right there. That's all I'm interested in! I immediately purchased two tickets from Stubhub and dreamt of scoring some solid autographs.

I arrived to the Stadium around 3:00 PM and the line to enter Gate 6 was pretty long but not unmanageable while the line for Gate 8 was practically empty. Still, there were more entrances through Gate 6 than 8, so I decided to stay there. Within 30 minutes, though, the lines looked something like this:

The line on the right was for Gate 6, the line on the left for Gate 8. As it turns out, the Yankees were handing out vouchers for two tickets to select games to the first 2,000 fans. EVERYONE was mostly there for those vouchers. It was insane.

We entered the Stadium (we each got a voucher!) around 4:15 PM and we made our way to Section 200 for the signing. I immediately spot former Yankees outfielder and first base coach Roy White, who was on his cellphone and surrounded by a few PR people. I already have a photo w/White, so i didn't bother to pursue him. Instead, I hopped on a long line...but, as it turns out, it was the line for the Yankees alumni, who I wasn't really interested in. I walked further down the section and spotted another, longer line. The ushers told me the line was for Yankees OFer Aaron Hicks, who was having an unbelievable season until he was injured. I really wanted Hicks, so I hopped on.

As Jenna and I are chatting to pass the line, I hear a commotion. I look up and Aaron Hicks walks right past me! Damn it! Had I seen him coming sooner, I could've gotten a selfie! :punches: Hicks was being led away to a closed off ramp. Before he disappeared, though, he gave a kid an autographed hat! Cool guy.

We stayed on the line because I saw a trio of Yankees I wanted: Greg Bird, Luis Severino, and Starlin Castro. Bird is currently injured but Severino and Castro were just named to the All-Star team. I already met Severino, so I mainly wanted Castro. We waited and waited...and, just as we were getting closer, they pulled all three of them! :punches: :punches: :punches:

The ushers told us that the players were done signing but Yankees General Manager Brian Cashman would take their place! Cashman has been with the Yankees for decades, and a unique name to get, so I decided to stay on the line. We get even closer...and I overhear one of the PR people saying Cashman was done! I got off the line and stayed where I thought Cashman would be exiting...but something told me to go back on the line. I did...and, thankfully, Cashman ended up walking right by me! I couldn't have been in a more perfect spot. I asked him if he would sign my Yankees yearbook and did it with no problem! :score:

As Cashman was signing, they brought out injured Yankees first baseman Tyler Austin, who I also met back in January but didn't have an autograph. Since we were so close, I decided to get him in my Yearbook while Jenna got a ball signed by him (which I got to keep!).

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Re: Yankees Batting Practice Block Party

Post by lanza218 » July 8th, 2017, 7:06 pm

Great stuff man

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Re: Yankees Batting Practice Block Party

Post by Greg2600 » July 8th, 2017, 7:22 pm

Drudges up bad memories of Fan Fest '97.
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Re: Yankees Batting Practice Block Party

Post by WOODMO » July 8th, 2017, 8:26 pm

Excellent stuff!

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Re: Yankees Batting Practice Block Party

Post by flarrow17 » July 8th, 2017, 11:44 pm

Great autos! What kind of pen did you have the baseball signed with?

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