Luke Combs and A Surprise in Cincinnati, Ohio

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Luke Combs and A Surprise in Cincinnati, Ohio

Post by adelta13 » September 17th, 2017, 4:44 pm

Back in May, I purchased a meet and greet for Country singer Luke Combs for $49.00 in Cincinnati Ohio for September. Ironically, I ended up meeting him couple weeks later after purchasing the meet and greet in New York City. Currently, Luke is my favorite country singer, he has a bright future ahead of him and he's so down to earth.

Fast-Forward to this past Friday, I flew out of Baltimore around 8:30am and arrived into Cincinnati at 10am. I took a shuttle to my hotel, and was able to check-in right away! I relaxed until it was time to go, walked 5 minutes to grab some food before leaving to the meet and greet. We were told to arrive by 4:45pm, I arrived around 4:15pm and waited. The coordinator met up with us and gave us a copy of handwritten lyric sheet of Hurricane (Lukes #1 Song) First up on the schedule was a 2 acoustic set, in-between of him singing, he did a Q&A with everyone. Before the meet and greet, the coordinator said due to time constraints there would be no autographs. I printed my photo of Luke and I that I was hoping to get signed so that was horrible news to me. I purposely positioned myself in the back so I could squeeze the autograph out of him. Finally, it comes time, I walked up to Luke telling him that I met him back in June in New York. I asked him if he could sign my photo and the M&G coordinator jumps in saying "No Autographs". Luke says it's fine and signs my photo, I also was able to get a pick guard signed by him because I plan on putting it on an acoustic guitar. I then get another photo with him, after getting out of line, we were given a signed truck hat but the autograph on the hat doesn't show off well.

After the meet and greet, I waited for the concert to start. Luke Combs kicked off the concert, followed by Tyler Farr, then Brantley Gilbert came on and tore the house down! I leave the concert and noticed Lyft fares were jacked up so I had to figure out a way to kill time. I noticed a casino next door to the concert venue, so I went there and killed time until the Lyft surges died down.

The next day, I went downtown to see the Reds-Pirates play, I've been to the Reds stadium back in 2015 for the All-Star game. I get to the stadium, and waited in line. The lines were long because they were giving a triple bobble head of Joey Votto, Sean Casey and Tony Perez out so that was a nice gift to get. Around the 5th inning, I finally called it and requested a lyft back to my hotel so I could relax because I was due to fly out the next morning at 6am. I arrived back to my hotel, and I noticed these guys checking in that had the band look to them, plus they had a guy with them that was taking photos and shooting video. Not knowing who they were and not wanting to ask them who they were, I went back to my hotel room. Around 9pm, I was sitting in my bed and curiosity got the best of me. I looked up to see if there were any concerts in town. I FOUND THEM! They're a band called Cheat Codes that have a song with Demi Lovato called No Promises which has over 200 million listens on Spotify! Their show was scheduled to start at 9:00pm, so I figured they would be back to the hotel by midnight. WRONG! I went downstairs and waited from 9:30pm to 2:30am. I sent them a instagram message stating I saw them check-into the hotel and it would be cool if I could get a photo with them on their arrival back to the hotel. Finally around 2:30am, their SUV shows up and the one member Trevor jumps out asking "If my name is Austin?", I said "Yes". He goes "Hey man I just got your message!". I explained to them the whole story, they laughed and took a group photo with me. Later on, I got a message back from them saying "Good to meet you bro!! Thanks for being patient".

After meeting them, I went back to my room and savaged about an hour of sleep before I was due to leave for my flight.

Image Luke Combs

Image Luke Combs Signed Photo

Image Luke Combs Signed Pick Guard

Image Luke Combs Signed Hat

Image Luke Combs Handwritten Lyric Sheet
Image Luke Combs Performing

Image Me with Great American Ball Park

Image Cheat Codes

Image Message from Cheat Codes

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