Sleeping With Sirens, Chase Atlantic, + More in Baltimore, MD

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Sleeping With Sirens, Chase Atlantic, + More in Baltimore, MD

Post by adelta13 » September 19th, 2017, 12:01 pm

On Monday, my Friend and I had plans to go see Sleeping With Sirens in concert at a small venue in Baltimore. First up, we went out to eat then after we ate we decided to head to a local CD spot for a Sleeping With Sirens acoustic concert, then afterward they were signing autographs if you pre-ordered their new CD that was coming out Friday. So She and I arrived to the spot and purchased the CDs then waited around for the acoustic set to begin. While waiting around, I saw Sleeping with Sirens arrive, not knowing if they were taking photos at the table, I decided to walk over to get a photo with Kellin Quinn (Lead Singer), who had no problem with it. I then saw Justin Hills (Bass Gutiarist) walking around the store, so I approached him for the photo and he agreed to the photo! Before the signing, a lot of the members were just lingering around the store, so I was able to get a photo with Nick Martin (Guitarist), Gabe Barham (Drummer), and Jack Fowler (Lead Guitarist). After meeting them Individually, I went through the line to get my CD booklet signed, which then I was able to get a group table shot with them!

After the signing, my friend and I head off to the venue for the concert. First up on stage was an band called Chase Atlantic, who I had no idea of but after listening to them, I really enjoyed their music. After their set, they announced they would be at the merch table, so I went over to meet them. I was able to get a group shot with them! Next up was a band called Palaye Royale, their was music was okay. After their set, I went over to the merch table and got a photo with Remington Leigh (Lead Singer of Palaye Royale).. After meeting him, I got a solo photo with Mitchel Cave of Chase Atlantic. After meeting Mitchel, I got photos with two touring band members of Palaye Royale but I don't know their names. I then got a photo with Sebastian Danzig (Guitarist of Palaye Royale). Next up is a band called The White Noise, I really enjoyed their music. In between sets, I went outside to get some cool air because it was a sauna inside the venue. I was able to get a photo with Tommy West (Drummer of The White Noise), KJ Strock (Guitarist of The White Noise), David Southern (Vocals of The White Noise) and Bailey Crego (Bass Guitarist of The White Noise).. After staying outside, I went back inside and saw Shawn Walker (Lead Vocals of The White Noise) standing around talking to people. I waited for him to be done, then I got a photo with him!

Sleeping with Sirens came on and rocked the house, I really enjoy their music. After the concert, I was walking out of the venue where I ran into Emmerson Barrett (Drummer of Palaye Royale) and got a photo with him.

Image Kellin Quinn, Sleeping With Sirens

Image Justin Hills, Sleeping With Sirens

Image Nick Martin, Sleeping With Sirens

Image Gabe Barham, Sleeping With Sirens

Image Jack Fowler, Sleeping With Sirens

Image Sleeping With Sirens

Image Sleeping With Sirens Signed CD

Image Chase Atlantic

Image Remmington Leigh, Palaye Royale

Image Mitchel Cave, Chase Atlantic

Image Touring Member, Palaye Royale #1

Image Touring Member, Palaye Royale #2

Image Sebastian Danzig, Palaye Royale

Image Tommy West, The White Noise

Image KJ Strock, The White Noise

Image David Southern, The White Noise

Image Bailey Crego, The White Noise

Image Shawn Walker, The White Noise

Image Emmerson Barrett, Palaye Royale

Image Sleeping With Sirens Performing

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