JOresky's New York Comic Con 2017 Report- Day 4

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JOresky's New York Comic Con 2017 Report- Day 4

Post by Joresky » October 13th, 2017, 3:25 pm

My last day of New York Comic Con was a productive one. First I went inside the con to try to score photo ops with the cast of the new TV show Deception. When the panel was over I scored selfies with actor Jack Cutmore-Scott, actress Ifanesh Hadera, Martin Gero (writer) and Chris Fedak (co creator of TVs Chuck). After this I went to another spot to try to get actor Bill Skarsgard (Pennywise in Stephen King's It). After a short wait Bill arrived and he signed and took many selfies. Luckily I scored a decent shot.. the only thing that sucks is he was wearing shades. Next a showed up that I have been waiting years and years to score a photo with, Alexander Siddig. Alexander used to be in TV show Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and he is one of the last castmembers I needed from the show. I met him many many years ago at a convention but he hasn't made a convention appearance in years. Alexander was super nice and took two photos with me and posed for many other fans and even signed. He is now playing Ras Al Ghul in TVs Gotham. Next actor Chris Chalk (Lucius Fox in TVs Gotham) arrived and i got a photo with him. After this I got updated photos with David Mazouz and Donal Logue. I missed actress Crystal Reed and Jessica Lucas but I would try to get them on the way out. At this point we went back to the Javits center to try to meet celebs at the Mortal Kombat panel. I got photos with Mortal Kombat co-creators Ed Boon and John Tobias. I also got selfies with John Vogel (writer/animator) and Dan Forden (composer) so I did good at this spot. Next we went back to the previous spot where I got photos with actor Luke Mitchell (Roman in TVs Blindspot), Ashley Johnson (TVs Blindspot, Growing Pains), Audrey Esparza (TVs Blindspot), Melanie Lynskey (Detroit Rock City) and Cory Michael Smith (TVs Gotham). Unfortunately I wasn't able to score Crystal Reed or Jessica Lucas. I was thinking of also trying the cast of The Exorcist back at the Javits Center but I missed out unfortunately. When I got back to the Javits I scored a couple updates with Ricky Whittle and Ming Chen. I was going to get a photo with voice actress Tara Strong but her lines were very long the whole con and the only other way to get a photo with her was through a pro op that was nearly $70 so I passed on her this time around. At this point I called it a trip and headed to Port Authority to catch my bus home. It wasn't a perfect trip by any means and I did miss a lot but it was definitely worthwhile going anyway.
Me and actor Bill Skarsgard
Me and actor Alexander Siddig
Me and actor Alexander Siddig
Me and actress Melanie Lynskey
Me and actor Jack Cutmore-Scott
Me and actress Ifanesh Hadera
Me and Ed Boon
Me and John Tobias
Me and actor Ricky Whittle
Me and Ming Chen
Me and Martin Gero
Me and actor Luke Mitchell
Me and John Vogel
Me and actor Donal Logue
Me and actor David Mazouz
Me and Dan Forden
Me and actor Cory Michael Smith
Me and Chris Fedak
Me and actor Chris Chalk
Me and actress Audrey Esparza
Me and actress Ashley Johnson

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