Legends of the Ring 25

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Bud White
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Legends of the Ring 25

Post by Bud White » October 22nd, 2017, 5:33 pm

Made my first trip from Philly for a Legends show. I had one want, Paul Roma. My brother had a few wants for a ChiTown Runble poster he’s working on. Trip up was easy look about 57 minutes. Show up, tickets were pre ordered. Guy working that part of it seems like a real crank. Besides that, this this was seamless. Made it at opening, brother headed over to get the first guys he needed, the Midnight Express. They seemed like great guys, 2 people in line a head of us, signed the poster and on our way. They were $15 each. Roma wasn’t there yet. We, neither was another of his targets, the Steiners. However, he needed Kevin Sullivan for his piece so we headed over. Sullivan had 2 people in line and was seated next to Justin Credible. My brother got his piece signed by Sullivan as I told Credible he looked well. He really did. He really appreciated it, you can tell it’s a struggle for him, but he’s fighting it, and right now he looks like he’s got the upper hand. We talked about how much I hated him as a kid and that he was a great heel. He loved that, but said something I thought was interesting. Said that being a heel was hard. That anyone could get people to love them. Told him that’s the first time I had heard that, that most guys say it’s easier to get heat. Told him to stay well and we parted our ways. Roma showed up. Couldn’t be any nicer. Wanted to make sure it was signed exactly where we wanted it. 15 bucks, good dude. Now we wait, Steiners still weren’t there. Struck up a convo with Gary Michael cappetta. Extremely nice guy. He’s doing a one man show next week in Asbury Park where he tells stories.im the most honest person in the world and told him I couldn’t be there and my reasons why. Had a good convo about by occupation. Told him if he brings the show to Philly I would be there. Said that he and RF are discussing making it part of a future Icons show. I would go, he’s genuine and i’d imagine his stories would be. Speaking of RF, talked to him, says the January Icons show is going to be two days and they are trying to make it a huge show. Anyway, Steiners show up. Rick seemed awesome. Scott was quiet. Had no idea how to use a paint pen and it showed. Anyway got there at 9:10 out 11:15. Good deal. Picked up a couple cheap WWF magazines. Including the No Holds Barred edition, so keep your eyes pealed for Tom Lester. All in all, good day.

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Re: Legends of the Ring 25

Post by WOODMO » October 22nd, 2017, 6:48 pm

Nice stuff by the sounds of it

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Re: Legends of the Ring 25

Post by Anthony18 » October 23rd, 2017, 6:39 am

The guy that you thought was a crank must have been Terrance Brennan.

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Re: Legends of the Ring 25

Post by ICW » October 26th, 2017, 7:41 pm

Great report, man! Credible did look great, I wish I finally met him.
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