Josh Homme, Ravens, Brian McKnight + More

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Josh Homme, Ravens, Brian McKnight + More

Post by adelta13 » October 25th, 2017, 11:24 pm

Last Friday, I went down to DC with a buddy of mine to try for Queens of Stone Ages Lead Singer Josh Homme, my buddy and I head down to the spot around 10:30pm and arrived around 11:15ish. When we arrived to the spot, the concert was just letting out so we struggled at first to get a parking spot. We started to wait around where 15-20 fans were waiting. Finally, around 12:20am Josh walked behind us and we called him over. He signed the couple items that I was helping my buddy with, he then took two different photos with me. He was nice despite videos I've seen on this guy before.

The next morning, I flew out to Minneapolis with a friend of mine with the Intention of seeing the Ravens play the Vikings and later that night to see Fall Out Boy in concert. The night before the game, we went to Mall of America which is a huge ass mall! While walking out of the mall, I ran into Ravens player Brandon Williams. I got a quick selfie with him, while waiting I saw a group of Ravens hop on a hotel shuttle back to their hotel not knowing where they were staying, I hopped on the shuttle with them, with the hopes of meeting more players. We arrived to the spot, and first person I run into is former Ravens player Todd Heap. Back in the day Todd was one of my favorite players. I've never been able to meet him until today. I asked him for a photo and he happily agreed! It was weird seeing him in an upbeat mood despite losing his 3 year old daughter in an tragic accident back in April. Next up is Ravens wide receiver Michael Campanaro, Ravens defensive end Zardarius Smith and Ravens defensive coordinator Dean Pees who was very nice. I then got Ravens tight end Benjamin Watson, and NFL Hall of Famer Ozzie Newsome. Meanwhile, Ravens Security approached me asking if I was a guest of the spot, I told them no but I told them I am from Baltimore, and I am just trying to meet some players while I was in town for the game. The guy asked me where I was from which I told him, he then said alright man you're cool and shakes my hand, and said he's going to let me slide. I then see Ravens star defensive player Terrell Suggs. Suggs can be a pain in the ass but he was actually very nice. I then got photos with Ravens secondary Lardarius Webb, Jimmy Smith, Tony Jefferson, and Eric Weddle. Later on in the evening, I got a photo with Ravens Kicker Justin Tucker, Ravens offensive lineman Ryan Jensen. To finish up the night, I was able to meet defensive lineman Carl Davis, tight end Maxx Williams, linebacker CJ Mosley, special teams coach Jerry Rosburg, Head Coach John Harbaugh, and offensive lineman Ronnie Stanley.

Upon arriving back into Baltimore, on Wednesday I went down to an local spot for some country singers. My buddy and I started to wait around 1pm. It wasn't about 2pm we first spotted Country singer Morgan Wallen, who was very nice. About 54 minutes later, Country singer Chris Lane comes out running to his bus. I asked him for a photo but he said he's in a rush to do the meet and greet. I said I only want a quick photo, he says alright have the camera ready when I get off the bus. He comes back off and takes the photo! Around 4:15pm, up and coming singer Bailey Bryan shows up, and couldn't of been nicer. She even commented to my buddy that this is the first autograph she's ever signed! WOW! Later on, I met up with another buddy of mine who had interested in going down to a spot in Virginia to meet R&B singer Brian McKnight, I consider Brian McKnight one of my favorite R&B singers of all time. This was a no brainier for me to go because I love his songs Back at One and Anytime. We arrived to the spot around 8:30pm and the concert lets out around 9:00pm. He exits the venue around 9:42pm where we asked him for a photo and he happily agrees. We're on our way back home!

Image Josh Homme

Image Brandon Williams

Image Todd Heap

Image Michael Campanaro

Image Zardarius Smith

Image Dean Pees

Image Benjamin Watson

Image Ozzie Newsome

Image Terrell Suggs

Image Lardarius Webb

Image Jimmy Smith

Image Tony Jefferson

Image Eric Weddle

Image Justin Tucker

Image Ryan Jensen

Image Carl Davis

Image Maxx Williams

Image CJ Mosley

Image Jerry Rosburg

Image John Harbaugh

Image Ronnie Stanley

Image Morgan Wallen

Image Chris Lane

Image Bailey Bryan

Image Brian McKnight

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Re: Josh Homme, Ravens, Brian McKnight + More

Post by CubsFanKEC1982 » October 26th, 2017, 7:40 am

adelta13 wrote:
October 25th, 2017, 11:24 pm
Around 4:15pm, up and coming singer Bailey Bryan shows up, and couldn't of been nicer. She even commented to my buddy that this is the first autograph she's ever signed! WOW!
I know that isn't true. I met her @ CMA Fest and she signed plenty that day in the booth.

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Re: Josh Homme, Ravens, Brian McKnight + More

Post by Greg2600 » October 26th, 2017, 12:40 pm

Good gets there. Ravens stinky this year!
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