Kevin Smith in Philly

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Bud White
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Kevin Smith in Philly

Post by Bud White » November 4th, 2017, 10:40 am

Went to see Kevin Smith and Ralph Garman do the Hollywood Babble-On Podcast. First, it was fucking awesome! Laughed from start to finish for a tick over two hours. We then head out back after the show. It was windy and we waited about an hour. Staff came out and said “if you’re waiting for Kevin you maybe here awhile.” About a half hour later Kevin and Ralph come out with that staff member. Both could not have been nicer. There was about 11 of us. Kevin was talking about different films and experiences(Jay and Silent Bob sequel is next)
Coolest part was we pretty much all got suited Silent Bob photo ops as my buddy remarked “isn’t that Silent Bob’ trench coat” and he laughed and responded “hey it’s cold out.” Everyone got hugs he really spent time with everyone and expressed how much he loves us as much as we love him. Awesome experience. First time I had to wait outside for an autograph in about 15-16 years lol. God bless you steet meeters. ... res/e4L881

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