Chiller Theater Halloween 2017

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Chiller Theater Halloween 2017

Post by class316 » November 17th, 2017, 8:03 pm

This Chiller was a little lackluster. But it did have one big name for me, Lou Diamond Phillips. Plus actors from Charles in Charge, Little Ricky from I Love Lucy, and lots of other names. So this was definitely a Chiller worth going to.

In terms of money, I paid for some, got some free at the tables, split some at the tables, and hung out in the lobby. So I did a good balance.

I got there Friday and started with a Butterbean upgrade. Got Jerry Mathers (Beaver), Lou Diamond, Charles in Charge actors I didn't have, Little Ricky, and many others.

Vinny Appice may not a huge music name but a name I like as he played in the second Dio Sabbath album Mob Rules. The promoter who brought him is a combo hunter I know and was cool enough to offer me a free photo op, which I appreciated. From what I heard he did well with Vinny and had already made his investment back on Friday. Good for him. With the addition of Vinny I now have photo ops with all Sabbath members under both Ozzy and Dio except of course Dio.

Hung out in the lobby Friday night and got more photos. Fake Jan was being mooched but I didn't care to do that first off because I have a perfect shot from Chiller in 2008 and second she knows me from both cons and social media. I did however ask her boyfriend Mason Reese for a photo op and he was happy to oblige. Ended my Friday evening with a Scott Schwartz upgrade.

Lou Diamond Phillips: ... 5af2_b.jpg

Keith Thibodeaux: ... 48bb_b.jpg

Alexander Polinsky: ... 2357_b.jpg

Willie Aames: ... d7be_b.jpg

Jennifer Runyon: ... b4af_b.jpg

Cara Buono: ... 08e1_b.jpg

Full list of Chiller Weekend Day 1 Photos Part 1: ... 07a0_o.jpg

Full list of Chiller Weekend Day 1 Photos Part 2: ... 821a_o.jpg

Next day I start with names I didn't have a chance for on Friday (either due to time or they didn't show up). Finally met markedout board member Capman in person for the first time. Being such a huge Goldust/Marlena fan I picked up a Marlena suited Terri Runnels. She remembered me from previous shows and said that she hasn't seen me for a while. HCIT!

Now I wanted to get Daniel Roebuck (who I know best from the awesome Harrison Ford movie The Fugitive) who was apparently FREE for a combo (unheard of at Chiller). But he wasn't at his table. I also had to go to a Valerie Bertinelli book signing at the Women's Expo. I dashed there. Not 10 minutes later I get word Daniel is at his table. In hindsight I could have gotten him and gone to the Valerie event as her signing didn't even start on time.

Get to the venue and enter. Buy the book, wait in line. It was one of the easiest and least stressful book signings ever. Only gripe is there was no competent photographer so I did a selfie (which turned out fine). I put an extra which she signed no issue.

Back to Chiller and Daniel Roebuck is away from his table, but eventually returns and I score my first ever free combo at Chiller that would not be considered a mooch. Waited at the lobby after the show, hung out at the Chiller concert, even saw Radioman! Ended my evening with Santa suited Santa update. I then sleep in the hotel parking as I left the next morning.

Valerie Bertinelli: ... 835d_b.jpg

Marlena suited Terri Runnels: ... 4b29_b.jpg

Santa suited Santa Clause: ... ffd3_b.jpg

Full list of Chiller Weekend Day 2 Photos: ... 4187_o.jpg

Autographs: ... dace_c.jpg
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