Kicking off November with a WWE haul!

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Kicking off November with a WWE haul!

Post by class316 » November 19th, 2017, 12:32 pm

With RAW and Smackdown on European tours, they were both slated to fly out en mass. Sadly I didn't locate the RAW flight (need Elias Samson) but I managed to locate the Smackdown flight. As the combo Gods would have it, they were the EXACT same flight, but a day part (which I found out after the fact).

The fresh names I needed on the Smackdown tour were the Singh brothers. But I needed a slew of upgrades. Jinder Mahal I needed with a beard. After all, clean shaven Jinder is a jobber, bearded Jinder is a main eventer. I also needed Bobby Roode with a beard since that's what he had during his "glorious" WWE run (last I got him was during his TNA days). In my Aiden English shot he has a beanie and Santa level beard, so that was another badly needed upgrade. And of course I needed to upgrade my sunhat/shades Lana shot.

Get to the airport. Usually I have my free parking spot, but they were doing some asphalting on the lot, which meant there were employees directing traffic. I parked and tried to quickly sneak out on foot but sadly I was caught and said I had to move the car if leaving. Since this is a place I frequent for free parking, I quickly complied. Short term airport parking was $6/hour. Since I anticipated going over the 2h mark (thus amounting to a minimum of $18 in parking) I chose the economy lot which is capped at $10 then shuttled to the airport.

As I arrived I already see the Usos, Dolph Ziggler, Naomi, and James Ellsworth checking in.

Got another shot with Ellsworth. Dolph I have more combos than I know what to do with so I didn't ask. Usos are known assholes so didn't even ask as I have them. I got Naomi sign and asked for another photo since it's been years since my last shot with her. Also see Finlay and get him to sign.

I get a Konnor (who made an awesome face) and bearded Bobby Roode. I see a hooded AJ Styles with a cap but don't have a need for him.

I see Tyler Breeze, Fandango, Nakamura, and Baron Corbin. Shook Tyler's hand and told him that I didn't need to bother him today as I got him before. Baron looked miserable, didn't speak to him since I had no need for him. But I got a combo with Fandango (again, been ages since I got a shot) and then I upgrade my Nakamura shot! He has a cap but both his eyes are wide open! When he signed his WWE_E V3 entry he jokingly goes "I am tarrer than 6'1" (referring to the height stated on there).

Get a Viktor combo. New Day arrives. I get them all on the WWE_E V3 New Day entry. I tell each of them I won't need to bother them for the photo op as I have them.

Got Erik Rowan on the Wyatt Family WWE_E V3 entry. Luke Harper was a total asshole. Wow I remember when after indy shows when he used to walk around looking for people who wanted combos from him. Damn how things can change. I didn't even get him back then as this was before my Kate Upton blunder (but he himself isn't another Kate Upton as I've gotten a photo op with him since he signed with WWE).

My top wants arrive, namely Jinder Mahal and the Singh brothers. I shake the hand of each brother and tell each I would like a photo with both of them after they are done checking in. They were gracious about it.

Jinder begins to leave and I get the much needed beard upgrade with the modern day Maharajah. Good to see that he is still his friendly self despite his success. I actually regretted not going to his NYC signing during Summerslam where he did bearded shots (I arrived in NYC after the signing that day) but in hindsight I'm glad I didn't as I got him here and didn't have to stand in line.

Then Samir Singh comes out. I hesitate for the op as he is on his own, he says his brother is gonna take long and he has to go. So I settle for the selfie. I then get Sunil Singh not long after. Always a nice feeling to get fresh wrestling names as those are few and far between for me.

Divas! Becky, Charlotte, Tamina, Carmella. Been years since my last Tamina shot (like FCW years). I got the combo from her but sadly she put on a stupid cap meaning I don't consider this an upgrade. Becky was looking at me expecting me to ask but I had no need. Charlotte I got an auto which she was happy to do. Carmella goes "sorry I don't sign" then when I asked for a photo op with the MITB briefcase she said no. Since I have her didn't pursue it further. She used to be so nice.

Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn. I get a combo with Kevin, but Sami shoots me down for an auto as he himself is now an asshole. Then I finally see Rusev and Lana. I wait for them to be done and ask Lana for a shot she goes "sorry I have to go". My single significant failure for the day. I did get Rusev to sign for me but since he had a beanie on there was no sense in getting a short haired Rusev shot.

I see Nayalya. As she leaves I tell her to have a good flight. She thanks me then stops and goes "you want a picture?" I tell her that I've gotten her before and didn't want to bother her but since she suggested I would. For some reason she put her shades on for the photo. No problem as I have her no shades.

Now there was one more I needed that I didn't see, namely Aiden English. I'm guessing he arrived before I did. Luckily I had the good sense to setup a fail safe the evening prior. Enacting that fail safe I went to the area where they are all waiting. I see Aiden English sitting in a corner by himself listening to music on his phone. PERFECT!

I go up to him and ask him for a photo op which he happily agrees to, getting my upgrade. He basically looks like how he does on most of his TV time. I told him how I was waiting for check ins and didn't see him so I came all the way back here just for him. He laughed and said that he "appreciates" it. With that I left and shuttled back to my car. The only other thing I could have tried was asking Lana again but she has never told me yes for a photo op at an airport.

Jinder Mahal: ... 2d38_b.jpg

Aiden English: ... 818f_b.jpg

Full list of photo ops: ... ccac_o.jpg

Autographs added to the WWE_E V3 in no particular order:

Kevin Owens
Xavier Woods (New Day entry)
Big E (New Day Entry)
Kofi Kingston (New Day entry)
Viktor (Ascension entry)
Shinsuke Nakamura
Erik Rowan (Wyatt Family entry)
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