ACE Comic Con Sunday 12-10-17 Report

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ACE Comic Con Sunday 12-10-17 Report

Post by oldschoolwwwf » December 10th, 2017, 11:44 pm

Wow, expected to see a few reports up by now, but instead I am one of the first.

Just bought tickets earlier this week, as I was waiting for them to announce the schedule. Couldnt go Saturday as we threw a holiday party at our house and a trip to Long Island during the day wasn't in the cards for me. Was bummed as no Flash on Sunday but what I got was better than nothing.

When this was first announced, I wanted to jump on it, VIP group because the thought of the group op and a signed poster sounded great. Of course the money was rough for that. And no Affleck on the poster made it less appealing. And with our holiday party, I couldnt do anything until a schedule was announced. In the meantime, the group VIP's sold out anyway so that was that.

I took my son a few weeks ago to see JL and he loved it. So he was coming with me for sure when I bought the tix. he is 9 and loved the heroes in the movie. So I bought tix only bc I was gonna bring him- didnt want to go without him.

But then Friday, I read the horror stories on Fb and was like fack, can I subject him to this sh%t?!? Fortunately, Lanza and Wood made it seem that Saturday was better, and I figured Sundays are usually somewhat painless. So even hung over on just a few hours sleep, we left here by 8 and cruised into LI, parking the car about 9. In my thought process, with an 11:00 am Superman WW duo op, we needed to be one of the first in to get to photo op redemption in time to make the 11:00 am op. Not knowing the set up, layout, etc, this concerned me a lot.

Turned out to not have mattered anyway. We waited about 45 minutes to get in (some complaining by my son but hand warmers and the Ipad helped). They opened a few minutes before 10- I was in a GA lane to get in; there were 3 of them, we were about 9 back in our lane. Doors opened, right through metal detectors, then they scanned ticket right there. Another worry I had, unfounded, was that you would have had to go to another line just to redeem the GA ticket. Didn't happen, as they scanned it as you walked in.

Went right to photo op redemption. Maybe 2 people ahead of me. I had pre bought the duo op, Momoa, Fisher and Hinds, only bc I was afraid of sell outs. While on line, I bought the daredevil duo too- although the guy when looking to find price said it looks like they had sold out- I was like i doubt it. he agreed to sell it to me anyway (it was not sold out anyway).

So its now 10:30 and time to enter the Superman WW duo line, op to commence at 11. At least three full lanes in front of us. 11:00, 11:10, 11:20, 11:30, 11:40, no sign of this op occurring. Finally around 11:45 or so, it kicks off. I'm like great but I have a Fisher 12:15- is this going to be an issue? One girl worker said you had to leave the area after the duo op and wait again on line at the metal detector to get into the op area. I was whaaat? that could be dicey as there was always a mass of people in that area, and you could never tell who was doing what there. Anyway, once the duo op started, it cruised, we were up there in less than 20 minutes. Left the area, picked up the pic, back to metal detectors, where if your lane # for the next op had been announced, you basically cut anyone else waiting in the metal detector area. We made fisher no problem.

Cavill and Gadot were really nice even though we were with them for seconds. Gadot was very nice to my son for those few seconds and he loved it. He did some complaining during that 45 minute wait about when is this gonna start but that would shockingly be his last complaining of the day. Anyway, like I said, finished with the duo, got to Fisher before 12:15.

Fisher had about 3/4 of a lane of people in it when we got to his line. In that time, we killed time talking to a nice 20 something girl dressed as Wonder Woman. Single guys at these shows can sometimes probably do well. Fisher was pretty cool, not as rushed with him as the previous duo, but still, its a lightning quick process.

From there, we walked around again, with a food stop, for our 12:45 Hinds picture. Not that many for him, that process breezed.

Walked out to check the Daredevil duo situation. It was a 1:30 scheduled time but around 1, the tv and the guy calling it out said not until at least 1:40. So we walked around again, but in my head, I was like we will be back at 1:25 just in case. Of course, as I walk back at 1:25, they are apparently almost finishing with the Daredevil duo op. We got right up, through the metal detectors and basically right into the op room. So much for the sell out of this op, and so much for 1:40. Thats a case where inexperience at a con would cost you that photo op. Take them at their word and you could have missed out. Anyway, both Cox and Yung were awesome, actually spent more than the usual 5 seconds with them.

After that, back to the tv to check the Momoa status. 2:15 op time, sign said TBD. I was like Fack! This smells like a possible lengthy delay, as I start calculating in my head what this delay needs to be in order for me to eat it and just head home. I started to walk away to get some water when all of a sudden, they announce he is here and start the lineups. A huge demand! Which was crazy bc at his earlier 11 am VIP time (when I was waiting for the Sup WW duo), his photo ops were done in less than 2 minutes! Anyway, we were Group 2, mixed in the Group 1's shaving a few minutes for us. Three full lanes ahead of us, but it moves like 5 minutes per lane basically so very quickly we were in. Another cool guy. Pic done, picked up the hard copy, waited about 5 mins to redeem the digitals I wanted and after a stop to grab my son chicken fingers for the drive home at the upstairs food court, we were out of there by 2:45 and home before 4.

Some comments:

Did they even have autos at this show? Seemed like masses of people for photo ops. Hated the metal detectors to get into the op area, however, like I said, if you had an announced lane number, you could basically walk right up and in.

The demand for Gadot photo ops, singles, look never ending. momoa seemed to do well. He was same time as cavill and I guess Cavill had a never ending demand too but they had not announced his arrival so it was hard to tell. Although the masses outside the detectors waiting there made it seem like his demand was huge as well.

Nice kids area, where they got a cape and could take pics with stand ups and props. My son liked that a lot.

I had zero interaction with ACE staff other than some FB Im's when I had concerns before I went to the show- they assured me all would work out
but I would have expected that from them anyway. I got into the show no problem, got my photo op tix redeemed no problem, my only interaction was with Photo Ops staff- they were pretty helpful in there.

Lots of complaining today about the JL panel and VIPs not getting special seating they had been promised. I wasnt VIP, nor did I care about the panel so not an issue for me.

These shows are tough for me, as I don't have the patience or desire to spend so much time in such big crowds, which is why I have not done any of the NYCC, etc. Chiller and H&V is about as big as it gets for me. But I would consider another ACE depending on who they bring in, but prob only on a Sunday. Was tough to turn down JL, especially knowing my son would love to meet them. I wanted to meet them for me too but hearing him tell when we left how much fun that show was was pretty cool.

sadly, no familiar board faces. I figured we would see Dan, since he mentioned getting a Cavill photo op same time as he wanted to maybe get Momoa photo op. But no go, I recognized no one.

So in all, a very smooth ACE experience for me. Looking forward to the other reports on this controversial convention!

Here are the pics with my son cropped out as usual.

ace cavill gadot crop.jpg
Superman and Wonder Woman
ace momoa crop.jpg
ace cox yung crop.jpg
Daredevil and Electra
ace fisher crop.jpg
ace hinds crop.jpg

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Re: ACE Comic Con Sunday 12-10-17 Report

Post by djknightrida » December 10th, 2017, 11:51 pm

Dunno how I missed you since we had some of the same ops.Or I was around the photo area talking to friends as well.

Glad it worked out primarily painless
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Re: ACE Comic Con Sunday 12-10-17 Report

Post by jabronijosh04 » December 11th, 2017, 2:20 am

Great report and great photos

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Re: ACE Comic Con Sunday 12-10-17 Report

Post by Greg2600 » December 11th, 2017, 9:32 am

Sounds like the boy really enjoyed it. I know I would have died to be able to meet ppl like Christopher Reeve or Keaton or Ford back in their heyday. As for autographs, they def had them, but they were up in the arena where you likely never ventured. All in all, VIP's were treated like complete garbage, despite paying 100's and 1000s of dollars to this company.
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Re: ACE Comic Con Sunday 12-10-17 Report

Post by heelorton79 » December 12th, 2017, 6:06 pm

I feel you on not liking crowded situations...great pics!

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