Received a HAPPY ENDING from MY GIRL on a trip to OZ

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Received a HAPPY ENDING from MY GIRL on a trip to OZ

Post by lanza218 » February 4th, 2018, 1:46 pm

Vell, on zee board for 2018, :victory: :praytogods: :yes: :coolIra: Met up with my good friend Greg for a night of :combos: Tried for 3 spots during the night, and immediately at spot 1 got a long time want that has been missing from my collection, Mr. John Alberto Leguizamo quick encounter, nice guy, got zee op!

ImageIMG_2110 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Everybody was running late so we left to grab a quick bite of pizza and onto the next spot, which I wasn't keen on doing becasue would cut into the time of the next spot, but we did it anyway. First out was a woman who the last 2x I saw here ran through a crowd and yelled and the next head down hood up, but this time nice as can be, one of my favs from VEEP, Anna M. Chlumsky and a good get if there name, have enjoyed a few roles of his, Adam Pally honestly both could not have been nicer. Mentioned Adam's appearance on the HDTGM Podcast, and he laughed. Anna, I was so in shock I just got the pic and ran.

ImageIMG_2111 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Seems Greg forgot to mention what a Good photo looks like anymore untill AFTER we leave the spot

ImageIMG_2112 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Spot 3, and honestly the main reason for coming out, was for a few OZ names, esp DEAN WINTERS. we get there literally 4 minutes after the event endeed, only to be informed he ran out and dunzo. :gah: but still got 2 names, creator Tom Fontana and Lee Allen Tergesen Lee was super nice Tom was fine but accused Gregory of putting the piece immediately on Ebay and personalized. Another name we never saw so high tailed it out fo there back to spot 1....but GAH TO DEAN

ImageIMG_2113 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2114 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Back to spot 1 for exits, again, almost immediately spot Patricia Arquette tons fo credits but for me Boyhood, Boardwalk Empire and Lil Nicky! was having a smoke, finished her convos, and did pics no problem

ImageIMG_0216 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Immediately after I take :greg: pic we spot one of our main reasons for going back Rosie Perez again tons of credits but for me White Men Cant Jump and It Could Happen to You. Nice as can be, easy op.

ImageIMG_0218 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Again, almost right after, Greg spots Joel Kinnaman grabbed a quick op and he was nice as well!

ImageIMG_2115 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Common left seemed to be in a hurry but posed for us.

ImageIMG_0220 by Lanza218, on Flickr

And that was it for me,between not knowing who was left insdie and my bus coming in 20 min, didnt feel liek waiting another hour for next one so chos to leave. Good time with cool celebs and good friends!

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All Hail to zeeee Trump Protesters!

Post by Greg2600 » February 4th, 2018, 2:09 pm

Since this night so recalled to me reading the old M.O.M. reports, I figure I'll just piggy back. All in all it was a fun night, and reminiscent of the old, old Marked Out days. Back when members could hit several spots in one day/night, and get good names without 30 dealers and selfie hoarders ruining it.

:hcit: had great success in Washington, DC, thanks to both the celebrity love for the former President, and detest of the current one. While there has been some “resistance” celebrity gathering in New York, it’s mostly been marches and stuff like that with very little schedule, making it difficult to wait on. This time Mark Ruffalo was organizing an indoor event. It was largely a mess, with loons shouting at each other, and the crowd spilling onto the sidewalk as they slowly went through metal detectors. As a result, we couldn’t really get to anyone. Did see a few randoms go in, but for the most part it was populated by NYC acting regulars. Lanza did get John Leguizamo as you saw, and I got a selfie with filmmaker Michael Moore.


We stopped for non-dollar pizza, and proceeded to Anna. I will say it was Mr. Lanza who wanted/needed Ms. Anna, not I! But I thought we'd be okay on time. Fackity Fackkkkk. At the Oz spot I had Lee and Tom sign my flat.


At this point, Lanza was pretty pissed, but nonetheless we returned to the Ruffalo spot, expecting a mess when everyone left. We’ve had some bad luck in the last month or so on street meets together, but finally the Combo Gods shone down! Several celebrities were leaving early! One technically was just outside smoking, that being Patricia Arquette. As a big fan of True Romance (how can you NOT be) and Little Nicky, she was an unexpected guest and a nice get. She was very, very sweet, and we waited for her to finish having a really spirited conversation with one of the street vendors.


Just as I get done thanking her, Lanza yanks me away, because Rosie Perez is walking down the street. So we run her down, and she does photos. Again, Rosie has been a long time want, but I never saw her at The View, and she was hiding at other spots.


After a lull, I spot actor Patrick Breen from Galaxy Quest, and get his photo. He wouldn’t shake hands, citing flu season. Not much later, rapper/actor Common jumps out, and we get photos. Very nice guy. Despite needing a few people still inside, Lanza opted to take his bus home. I hung a while, but left as well as it wasn’t worth waiting around in the windy cold for the sake of updates/upgrades from people I already had.



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Trump and anti-Trump protestors...
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Re: Received a HAPPY ENDING from MY GIRL on a trip to OZ

Post by WOODMO » February 6th, 2018, 9:26 am

Some excellent stuff! Jealous of Common, an underrated actor and criminally underrated MC

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Re: Received a HAPPY ENDING from MY GIRL on a trip to OZ

Post by Joresky » February 6th, 2018, 10:12 am

Awesome stuff! :like: I still need to meet Joel Kinnaman

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Re: Received a HAPPY ENDING from MY GIRL on a trip to OZ

Post by Btvsp3 » February 7th, 2018, 9:14 pm

Jealous about Patricia Arquette! I was a huge fan of Medium.
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