Farpoint Con, Adam Carolla and John 5 in MD/DC

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Farpoint Con, Adam Carolla and John 5 in MD/DC

Post by Joresky » February 12th, 2018, 12:09 pm

This past weekend I attended the Farpoint Sci-Fi Convention in Hunt Valley on Saturday and I met a couple of celebs the night before in the MD/DC area. On Friday night me and my buddy Dave went to DC for comedian Adam Carolla. It was a bit cold out but we arrived around 9:30 and hung out in the venue until the event was over. After this we went outside to start our wait for Adam. I knew he would be coming out one of two doors. A little over an hour passed and I saw no sign of Adam and no vehicles that might be waiting for him so we started to lose hope. Around 11 pm I spotted Adam and a couple other guys coming out of the door that I expected and me and Dave approached Adam for pics and he was nice as can be. We each got great shots and I asked Adam to sign the book I brought (found it for $2 at a thrift store) and Dave had him sign some blanks. After this we headed to a music venue in College Park, MD to wait for guitarist John 5 (former Marilyn Manson guitarist (1998 to 2004), currently plays with Rob Zombie). We waited in the car near the back door of the venue. Around 12:50 or 1 am we spotted John coming out of the back and we approached him for photos and he did it no problem. He was still wearing his stage makeup and he was super nice about it. We managed to score some show posters from the bar inside the venue so he signed those and Dave asked him if he had any extra guitar pics so he gave us each one. I got one with Linda Blair from the Exorcist on it and Dave got one with Herman Munster on it. I know John was offering VIP packages for $120 (not including the concert ticket) so I was overjoyed to score the combo for free. At this point I went home.. we had the Farpoint con the next day in Hunt Valley.

On Saturday a coworker of mine picked me up because he wanted to meet Star Wars author Timothy Zahn. Zahn is his favorite author. Me and my friend arrived at the con around 1 pm and went straight to Zahn's table. I got my new Star Wars Thrawn book signed (endorsed by Disney) and my buddy got a bunch of older books signed. We each got photo ops with him as well. I have gotten Zahn in the past so I figured why not update the photo and get another book signed since he was free. My top name for the con was actor Matt Frewer (Max Headroom, Honey I Shrunk the Kids). I met him next and he was a bit steeper.. $20 for table selfie and $40 for autograph. Since he is so rare I decided to do the full combo. After this I got a combo from actress Nora McLellan (TVs Killjoys) for only $20 and a photo update with actress Nana Visitor (Star Trek Deep Space Nine). After this I was finished (not many celebs at this con) so I hung out and talked with friends around the con before leaving around 5 or so. Overall, I had a fun and stress free weekend and score a few cool ops while staying somewhat local so it was a weekend well spent.
Me and actor Matt Frewer
Me and actress Nora McLellan
Me and actress Nana Visitor
Me and author Timothy Zahn
Me and comedian Adam Carolla
Me and guitarist John 5
Matt Frewer signed photo
Nora McLellan signed photo
Adam Carolla signed book
John 5 signed poster
Timothy Zahn signed book
John 5 guitar pics
John 5 guitar pics

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Re: Farpoint Con, Adam Carolla and John 5 in MD/DC

Post by Greg2600 » February 25th, 2018, 11:44 am

Wish Frewer did more cons, def want that guy.
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