A Wonder Woman, an Ironman walk into a Bar

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A Wonder Woman, an Ironman walk into a Bar

Post by adelta13 » March 18th, 2018, 2:19 am

Going into this week, my buddy asked me to help him with Wonder Woman Lynda Carter on Saturday evening in Washington DC. I've met Lynda 3 times in the past, so I only went to help my buddy. On the way down, I was telling my buddy that there's a chance Cal Ripken Jr could be at this event, but nothing was confirmed. We get to the venue where there's an autograph collector with 4 of his family members. At one point, I went inside to go to the bathroom and when I came out, I ran into Blue Lou Marini, who is famous for being part of the Blue Brothers as an saxophonist. I got an updated photo with him.

Couple minutes later, I spot CAL RIPKEN JR leaving the event! I approached him for a photo and he happily agreed to take it. This is my 3rd Cal photo but it's probably my best one to date. Meeting Cal never gets old because he is such an legend. Cal is one of my favorite baseball players of all time! Finally Lynda comes out, and signs a very strict 1 a piece. My buddy and I then went to another spot for her where she does it again for him and I.

After this, my buddy and I go another event for Heart member Ann Wilson. Going into this I knew the chances of me getting a photo with her would be slim but whatever, I was there for the ride. She comes out, and doesn't come out but she does send ons. Oh well.

Image Cal Ripken Jr

Image Blue Lou Marini

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Re: A Wonder Woman, an Ironman walk into a Bar

Post by Greg2600 » March 18th, 2018, 2:41 am

Cal is def a legend. Brings back memories. He was maybe THE hottest graph selling during the mid-90's during the streak stuff.
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Re: A Wonder Woman, an Ironman walk into a Bar

Post by overthetop17 » March 19th, 2018, 12:00 am

The streak is the dumbest record ever IMO....

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