Who's Who in Baltimore

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Who's Who in Baltimore

Post by Cozmik » March 25th, 2018, 9:29 pm

This weekend I took a road trip to Baltimore for ReGeneration 4 a Dr Who convention. I watched the Tom Baker episodes on PBS years ago but fell off after Baker left the show. I started watching again a few years ago with the 50 year anniversary special and was in for Peter Capaldi's run. I also went back and watched the David Tennent and Matt Smith episodes. So when they announced Capaldi and Michelle Gomez, who (brilliantly) played Missy the last few years, as guests I was in.

I arrived and checked in at the hotel Friday afternoon and quickly got autographed 8x10's and table ops from Colin Baker (Doctor 6), Pete Davison (Doctor 5), and John Leeson (the voice of the robotic dog K9). As well as and autograph from Terry Molloy (Davros). I also brought along a Funko Pop of K9 and an over-sized one of Davros that Leeson and Molloy signed.
Colin Baker
Peter Davison
John Leeson
John LeesonPhotoEdit.jpg
Terry Molloy
Then it was off to the first long line of the weekend. It was a 45 minute wait to get into the photo-op desk to choose and pickup tickets for pre-purchased photo-ops. Michelle Gomez had a last week schedule change and was going to be available for photo ops and autographs Friday night instead of arriving Saturday. I wanted to get her Friday and only have Capaldi to worry about Saturday. After I finally made it to the photo op desk and got my photos scheduled for Capaldi, Gomez and Terry Molloy (I had mistakenly pre-purchased a pro op with him while trying to buy an additional autograph but it wasn't much more than a table op so I just went with it), I grabbed some dinner and came back to get in line for Gomez's autograph.

She was scheduled to be signing at 7:00pm with a photo op at 7:45. I was in line before 6:30 about 10 back in line so figured no problem. At 7:40 she still hadn't arrived. There was one other woman there ahead of me that had the same situation, so the line handler said go to the photo room and he would get us back in front. Up at the photo room they weren't aware she hadn't arrived until we told them. They did some checking and found out she flew into D.C. instead of Baltimore thus the delay. The photo guy said she was going to do autographs first so we started back down 1 floor to the autograph line. We were waiting for the elevator and when it opened up she was there so we followed her back to the photo room. Now the smart thing to do would be to do the photo op more or less on schedule then go back and do autographs but they sent her down to the autograph room. We rode the elevator down with her and got back in line and got our graphs and then went back up to the photo room.

One thing they did right at this con was the line for waiting for photos was in a room with rows of chairs. This was crucial because we waited another hour and a half for her to come for photo ops. Eventually, she arrived for photos. The photographer was good about doing retakes for people and the jpeg was included in the price and available on his website the next day.
Michelle Gomez
So Saturday morning, my schedule looked easy. My Capaldi photo op was at 10 and he his first signing session was 11 to noon. As I expected, he was late but only a few minutes so things looked potentially good. He was really great with everyone, taking a few moments to introduce himself to every person and finding what kind of pose they wanted. I went with his suggestion of "action" pose.
Peter Capaldi
Then it was back to the autograph line. I waited 2 hours in line there and was just ahead of the point where they were going to cut off the line because he had a panel to do. He signed my 8x10 "cosmic to meet you" (how'd he know my nick?) and I also had him sign a Funko Pop. I can't say enough how great he was with all the fans.
Then I went to a few panels, grabbed some dinner and went to my 8pm photo with Terry Molloy.
While I was waiting, a familiar face walked into the waiting room sod after I got my photo I went back and introduced myself to Joresky. :joresky: I spent a few minutes talking to him (what a great guy) before calling it a night.

Overall, a great small con. Capaldi was probably the biggest celeb they ever had on site for their 4 year history. They've got some tweaking to do if they want to bringing in bigger stars of Dr Who in future years. They aren't ready yet to handle the crowds David Tennent or Matt Smith bring. But on balance, they did a good job this year and handled the unexpected fairly well.

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Re: Who's Who in Baltimore

Post by Joresky » March 26th, 2018, 11:17 am

Awesome stuff! Great talking to you at the con :like:

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Re: Who's Who in Baltimore

Post by yosemitechris » March 26th, 2018, 12:41 pm

very cool, great pics! legends of dr.who

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