JOresky's Big Apple Comic Con 2018 and Other Meets Report

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JOresky's Big Apple Comic Con 2018 and Other Meets Report

Post by Joresky » April 16th, 2018, 2:40 pm

This past weekend I went for some celebs since it was my birthday a few days before and unfortunately I had to work so no time to do anything fun to celebrate. On Friday night a coworker of mine convinced me to come check out a band he likes from the UK called Wolf Alice who were playing a rock club in Baltimore. I listened to some of their songs on youtube and they had a cool 90s vibe so I figured why not. My friend had an extra ticket that he sold me for $20 which isn't a bad deal. The show was pretty cool. The opening band was also from the UK and their name was The Big Pink. The show was great and it wasn't too crowded (i was told they only presold 600 tickets).

After the show the Big Pink were hanging out at their merch table so I got a group photo op with them. After that I went outside to hang by the Wolf Alice bus. I was able to score two free posters that I found on the wall inside the rock club so I figured I could get one signed for me and one signed for my coworker who didn't want to hang out after and meet the band (even though they are one of his favorites). After about 40 minutes or so the bassist of Wolf Alice, Theo came out and took care of everyone. There were about 15 of us or so. Next Joel Amey, the drummer of Wolf Alice came over and took care of everyone. After this Ellie Rowsell, the lead singer of Wolf Alice came out and met everyone. I got two photos with her and my posters signed. At first I took a photo with her while I was behind the barricade then she walked around the barricade to hang out with us more personally so I got another pic. Lastly, Joff Oddie the guitarist came over and took photos and signed for everyone. Everybody in the band was super friendly so it was an easy and fun night. Another great thing about this is the show didn't end super late and it didn't take that long for everyone to come out so I was able to get home at a decent hour. This was very good because I planned to go to New York City the next day for Big Apple Con and some other celebs.

I woke up very early to take the bus from downtown Baltimore to New York City for Big Apple Con. When I got to the con I met up with Greg, Lucas and Michelle and we talked for a little bit before starting to meet celebs. I saw actor Johnathon Schaech (That Thing You Do, The Forsaken) so I decided to meet him again since I needed a better photo. Me and Greg ended up talking to him for a little while, he is a Maryland native which is cool. He gave us free autographed photos after we paid for our photo ops. The next celeb I met was C.J. Ramone who was the bassist of The Ramones from 1989 to 1996. I got a photo op with him for only $20. After this I got a combo from actress/stuntwoman Jenel Stevens (Black Panther) for only $20. After this I met voice actress Jennifer Cihi (Sailor Moon) and she did a photo with me for free at her table. Next I got a photo with actor Wilson Cruz (TVs My So Called Life, Star Trek Discovery). I was tempted to get the autograph too but that would have costed an extra $30. After this Greg spotted a random celeb walking around shopping for comic books actor Ruben Blades (Fear the Walking Dead, Predator 2) so we approach him and ask for ops and he does it although he seemed a little worried that he would get stopped by a lot of people after we get our ops.

After I met the celebrity actors at Big Apple Con I decided to meet some of the comic book artists. I got free photos with Mike Royer (Demon, Mister Miracle, Super Powers), Ramona Fradon (Aquaman, Super Friends), Sy Berry (The Phantom) and John Cassaday (newer Marvel Star Wars comics). They were all very friendly and didn't charge for photos even though some of them charged for autographs which I didn't bother getting. After this I went outside and met up with Greg to try some street meets.

Our first stop was a spot for actress Rhea Perlman, Charlotte Hope and others. Rhea was one of my main targets for the trip since I knew this was her last weekend at this particular spot and she has been stopping lately. While at this spot we ran into marked out member Btvsp3 so we ended up hanging out with him for the rest of the day while we tried to meet more celebs. Unfortunately, I didn't see Rhea or Charlotte Hope (Game of Thrones) come out so I would have to come back later to try for them. At this spot I did score a fresh op with actor Maulik Pancholy (30 Rock, Weeds) and updates with F. Murray Abraham and Mark Linn-Baker (Perfect Strangers). I saw actor Ed Harris but didn't bother asking him since I had him already and he is known to hate photo ops. Next I went to another spot for another top want of my trip, actor Colm Meaney (Chief Miles O'Brien in TVs Star Trek Deep Space Nine and Star Trek the Next Generation). He is in a lot of movies too like Con Air and Under Siege. Most importantly, he was the last member of the Deep Space Nine cast that I hadn't met yet so this was a biggie for me. I saw him walking out and asked for a photo and he did it no problem. I saw actors Denzel Washington and Lawrence Fishburne at this spot but they didn't stop for anyone. I scored updated photos with actor Bill Irwin at this spot as well.

Next I went to a spot for actress/singer Grace Jones (A View to Kill, Conan the Barbarian). There were quite a few collectors at this spot but we tried anyway. Unfortunately when she arrived she would only sign autographs and wouldn't pose for photos and I had nothing to get signed. On the way out I managed to get a photo but my flash didn't go off, picture is blurry/out of focus and she had freakin shades on at night which is ridiculous. After this disappointment we headed to our final spot for the evening where I was hoping to score Rhea Perlman and Charlotte Hope. I saw actor Craig Bierko hanging out randomly so I got a photo update with him. I got fresh ops with Charlotte Hope, Nancy Giles, Michael Rabe and Lily Gladstone. A couple of these names were barely valid but I got them "just in case." Unfortunately Rhea Perlman snuck out shockingly and I wasn't able to meet her which really sucked. I heard she never snuck out the other nights so I just had really crappy luck. At this point I walked to the bus station which was only a couple blocks away and went home. Overall, I got some cool new scores but it definitely wasn’t a clean sweep and I missed out on some good names but I guess these are the risks when combo hunting.
Me and actor Wilson Cruz (TVs Star Trek Discovery)
Me and actor Johnathon Schaech
Me and actor Johnathon Schaech
Me and actress/stuntwoman Jenel Stevens
Me and C.J. Ramone, bassist of The Ramones
Me and voice actress Jennifer Cihi
Me and actor Ruben Blades
Me and comic book artist Mike Royer
Me and comic book artist Sy Barry
Me and comic book artist Ramona Fradon
Me and comic book artist John Cassaday
Me and actor Colm Meaney
Me and actress Charlotte Hope
Me and actor F Murray Abraham
Me and actress/singer Grace Jones
Me and actress/singer Grace Jones
Me and actor Maulik Pancholy
Me and actor Mark Linn-Baker
Me and actor Craig Bierko
Me and actor Bill Irwin
Me and actress Lily Gladstone
Me and actor Michael Rabe
Me and actress Nancy Giles
Me and Ellie Rowsell, lead singer of Wolf Alice
Me and Ellie Rowsell, lead singer of Wolf Alice
Me and Theo Ellis, bassist of Wolf Alice
Me and Joff Oddie, guitarist of Wolf Alice
Me and Joel Amey, drummer of Wolf Alice
Me and the band The Big Pink
Johnathon Schaech signed photo
Jenel Stevens signed poster
Wolf Alice signed poster
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Me and the band The Big Pink

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Re: JOresky's Big Apple Comic Con 2018 and Other Meets Report

Post by Btvsp3 » April 16th, 2018, 5:31 pm

It was good meeting you Jeremiah. Sorry again about Grace. And I’m still annoyed Rhea bailed.
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