Random Musical Acts in Baltimore, MD

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Random Musical Acts in Baltimore, MD

Post by adelta13 » April 21st, 2018, 10:49 pm

Heading into this week, I found out about a CD Signing with Country duo Brothers Osborne, known for songs Stay A Little Longer, It Ain't My Fault, 21 Summer, 2x CMA Duo Group of the Year. They happen to be from Maryland but I've never been able to meet them because they never play around here. I was able to switch a shift with someone with work so I was able to get off Saturday and she was able to get off Sunday so it worked out! The night prior of the signing, I was able to find a flight for them arriving, unknowingly how they would be at the signing with photos I made it my obligation to attend the flight.

I made my buddy aware of the flight so we were set on going. My buddy picks me up around 9:45, he heads to Costco to pick up photos, we arrived to the airport. They come through and I asked for the photo, they happily agree to it. They signed some stuff for my buddy and I. I was then able to get Individual photos with them.

We then head to an local venue for bands Gov't Mule and Black Stone Cherry. While waiting, we spot Chris Robertson (Lead Singer of Black Stone Cherry), he takes a photo with me with no issue then signs for my buddy. After awhile, we head over to a local record shop to meet Brothers Osborne again, to get some CDs signed and maybe upgrade my photo. I bought 2 CDs, 1 for me, and 1 for my friend who couldn't make the signing. We arrived to the store around 12:20 and waited until 1:00pm, they didn't show up until 1:10pm. There was a table set up, but they decided to stand up for the entire signing. They also had no sunglasses so that was a plus. We get up to them and JT made a comment nice to see you again and then asked where I was from. I then got another photo with them just because.

After meeting Brothers Osborne, we head back to the Gov't Mule and Black Stone Cherry spot. While waiting at this spot, we noticed it deserted, then we noticed the bus was leaving. We followed the bus to a local spot. First member of Gov't Mule we see was drummer Matt Abts who quickly shoots us down. Next up was bassist Jorgen Carlsson who signed and took a photo with me. Next up was guitarist and keyboardist Danny Louis who was very nice, signed and took a photo. Next up is Lead Singer of Gov't Mule and guitarist of The Allman Brothers Band Warren Haynes, he said he would sign 2 each but ended up signing up a storm for my buddy and another guy. I was able to get an updated photo with Warren.

We head to the original spot, where we ran into the entire Black Stone Cherry band returning from a signing. I approached them for a group shot which they had no problem with it at all! I then get individual shots with guitarist Ben Wells, bassist Jon Lawhon, and drummer John Fred Young! We see Matt Abts again and he quickly denies! I then get a photo with musician Hook Herrera

After this, my buddy and I went out for a quick bite before a CD signing with singer Kimbra, she is known for her song "Somebody I used to Know" with Gotye. She is a 2x Grammy Award Winner (Record of the Year and Best Pop Duo/Group Performance). Going into this, I wasn't sure about how she would be with photos. We arrived to the spot around 5:30 for a 6pm signing and there was literally no one in line. Around 5:50pm, there was about 7 people in line. Kimbra showed up at 5:55 just sitting there talking to her manager. Finally, she starts to sign and is taking photos over the table but she's standing up for the photos! I was able to get her new CD signed and got a photo with her!

Image Brothers Osborne #1

Image JT Osborne

Image John Osborne

Image Chris Robertson of Black Stone Cherry

Image Brothers Osborne #2

Image Brothers Osborne Signed CD

Image Jorgen Carlsson of Gov't Mule

Image Danny Louis of Gov't Mule

Image Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule

Image Black Stone Cherry

Image Ben Wells of Black Stone Cherry

Image Jon Lawhon of Black Stone Cherry

Image John Fred Young of Black Stone Cherry

Image Hook Herrera

Image Kimbra

Image Kimbra Signed CD

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Re: Random Musical Acts in Baltimore, MD

Post by Greg2600 » April 21st, 2018, 11:02 pm

Nice shots. One of these days I'll run into Warren Haynes, one of my favorite musicians ever.
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