Feeling Pitch Perfect With Some Luck

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Feeling Pitch Perfect With Some Luck

Post by adelta13 » June 14th, 2018, 10:48 pm

On June 1st, my buddy and I went to the airport for R&B/Soul singer Joss Stone (Super Duper Love, Right to be Wrong, etc). She arrived and couldn't of been any nicer. She signed for both of us, then took photos! Afterward, we went for 4x Grammy Nominee Saxophonist Boney James, we waited for a bit then he finally shows up. He took care both my buddy and I.

Later on in the evening, we went to a spot that was hosting a bunch of names. I will be joined by :thrilled: at this spot. The first name I see is Black Eyed Peas member Will.i.am exiting the spot with security. He stops for the 5 with us taking photos and signing! John Cho from Harold & Kumar unfortunately bolts from the other side of the building, Class was able to get a shot with him. I then get a photo with Claudio Sanchez (Lead Singer of Coheed & Cambria) who couldn't of been any nicer. I then get a photo with singer Grace Potter, music composer Michael Giacchino (The Incredibles, Jurassic World, etc)

A week later on June 5th, I had flight Info on Country Legend Tim McGraw and wife Faith Hill. I already have a photo with Tim so the goal was to get a photo with Faith but I don't think it would be happening. One of my buddies and I meet up, we go to a music shop to grab some CDs. We then meet up at a spot where we started to wait for them. At this spot we failed miserably due to security. We then catch up to a different spot where Tim denies but his handler says to meet them at a different spot. At this spot, Tim pulls down the window to sign. I was able to get 2 CDs and The Blind Side movie cover signed. I was able to get Faith to sign the one CD but unfortunately neither would take photos.

This past Saturday (June 9th) I was given off by work due to going over in hours so I was able to have the day to myself. I met up with a buddy of mine where we head down to DC. First up is Luther Campbell aka Luke Skyywalker of 2 Live Crew (Me So Horny, We Want Some P--sy). He arrives and signs for us, I then re-approached him for a photo and he was cool about that. We go to a spot for a indie band called Belle & Sebastian. While we're waiting, we get member Sarah Martin. Next up-- I have a flight on pop singer and Actor Troye Sivan (My, My, My, The Youth, etc.. Played Young James Howlett in X-Men Origins: Wolverine).. He shows up with his entourage, takes photos with us with no problem then signs 2 each. Going into this week, I REALLY WANTED to meet Alessia Cara, she is someone who I enjoy listening to her music and I can say I am a fan. She won a Grammy this past year for Best New Artis! Unfortunately, my Buddy and I had no Info going into this. Luckily, we put both our minds together, and we were able to find Info on her. We were able to find her arrival into town an hour before she was due to come in. We went to a local costco and had a quick bite. Finally we showed up to the airport hoping some sort of hope this was in fact her. Finally time comes, she arrives with her entourage, and we approached for photos, which she had no Issue with, She then signed for us.

After this, we went to a spot involving The Voidz whose lead singer is Julian Casablancas (Lead Singer of The Strokes). We arrived to the spot, and just waited around for a bit until they finally show up. I get photos with guitarist Beardo, and keyboardist Jeff Kite. Finally Julian pops up and I get a photo with him. We went to a spot for various movie names that Involved Skylar Astin (Pitch Perfect), John Michael Higgins (Pitch Perfect), etc. We arrived at this spot and :feasting: was there. First up is Skylar, he comes up and does the line. Takes photos and signs for anyone that asked. Next up is Becki Newton (Ugly Betty) and she accommodates everyone. Following getting Becki, I get Ugly Betty's Michae Urie who was nice as can be! I then get a photo with Actress Betsy Wolfe. I wasn't familiar with the name but when in Rome! Next up is Pitch Pefects John Michael Higgins, who takes care of anyone.

After this event, we went to a spot for Belle & Sebastian. I get the lead singer Stuart Murdoch, Chris Geddes (Keyboards), Dave McGowan (Bass), Richard Colburn (Drums), Bobby Kildea (Guitar), and Stevie Jackson (Vocals).

On June 14th, Former MLB Slugger Jose Canseco was doing a signing at a local baseball stadium. I had no interest in going but a friend of mine wanted me to go to help him with some baseball cards. I tried to get out of it but he Insisted on me going so he paid for my ticket so I budge. Going into this event, it was spelled out Jose would sign 1 each, take no photos, etc. We get to the event, and there's 100 people waiting. Finally, we're up front in line. Jose is now signing 2 items each. I approach him for a photo, explaining I have photos with this person and this person. He says It's up to the guy next to him. He said to make it quick! Luckily the photo came out despite the rules being against me.

Image Joss Stone

Image Boney James

Image Will.I.Am

Image Claudio Sanchez

Image Grace Potter

Image Michael Giacchino

Image Tim and Faith Autos

Image Luther Campbell

Image Sarah Martin

Image Troye Sivan

Image Alessia Cara

Image Jeff Kite

Image Beardo

Image Julian Casablancas

Image Skylar Astin

Image Becki Newton

Image Michael Urie

Image Betsy Wolfe

Image John Michael Higgins

Image Stuart Murdoch

Image Chris Gennes

Image Dave McGowan

Image Richard Colburn

Image Bobby Kildea

Image Stevie Jackson

Image Jose Canseco

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Re: Feeling Pitch Perfect With Some Luck

Post by Greg2600 » June 15th, 2018, 4:30 pm

Big list there. Joss and Grace two of my favorite vocalists. Good graphs from Tim and Faith, but yeah, both are pretty tough now. The Canseco thing makes no sense. 100 people for that loser?
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