Peter Frampton Meet & Greet

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Peter Frampton Meet & Greet

Post by Cozmik » June 21st, 2018, 7:12 pm

Last night the Steve Miller Band and Peter Frampton hit the Pittsburgh area and I splurged for the meet and greet with Frampton, I sat 2nd row center for a night of hits from both bands.

The highlight of the night was the meet and greet with Peter Frampton after his set. We lined up outside a door to the artist area and got let in a few minutes after the rain started and were taken into a small area that looked like it was mostly used for feeding the bands and crew. Frampton's manager came out and gave us instructions, fist bumps only, he was happy to sign something and then a photo with our own cameras and he needed to keep us moving so Frampton could make his cue to go back on stage and play a couple songs with Steve MIller. Frampton was friendly and pleasant and it was really great to meet him. He signed my badge and I got my photo.
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Re: Peter Frampton Meet & Greet

Post by lanza218 » June 21st, 2018, 8:49 pm

Damn. Thats great. Love auto and photo

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Re: Peter Frampton Meet & Greet

Post by Greg2600 » June 21st, 2018, 9:15 pm

One of the all-time greats!
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