Limahl, Tony Lewis (The Outfield) & more in Englewood, NJ

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Limahl, Tony Lewis (The Outfield) & more in Englewood, NJ

Post by Joresky » July 16th, 2018, 9:18 am

This past Saturday night I attended an 80s rock concert in Englewood, NJ for some super rare 80s bands. The main draw for me was singer Limahl (sang the theme for the Neverending Story, lead singer of Kajagoogoo) and Tony Lewis, lead singer of The Outfield. Other bands on the bill included Belinda Carlisle (of The Go Gos), Modern English and ABC (ft original singer Martin Fry) but I had already met and seen these bands play so the main draw for me was the first two I mentioned. Limahl is so rare I don't think he has ever toured the US before and that alone was worth the trip to New Jersey for me. I went to the show with my friends Troy, Francesco and his friend. When we got to the venue I lucked out and bought a ticket from a guy I knew outside for only $20. The lowest priced tickets for the show were only $55. I had heard that at the show the night before the first three bands all did signings right after their sets at the merch table in the lobby. Limahl and Tony Lewis played first and second which was ironic considering they were the headliners for me. Limahl performed a short but amazing set and thankfully he performed The Neverending Story and Too Shy... his main two hits for the 80s. Right after his set I hurried and went to the lobby to meet him. I had him sign my Neverending Story DVD and a postcard I bought from his merch table for only $5. He was super friendly and took his time with each fan that approached him. Unfortunately, there wasnt much time between sets because while I was busy waiting to meet Limahl I missed Tony Lewis's set. I heard some of the songs in the lobby but it would have been cooler to watch them in the auditorium. As soon as I was done meeting Limahl I got in line to meet Tony Lewis. Tony was super nice and took a photo with me and signed my Outfield CD that I found at a library sale for less than $1.

I had met the two names I came for so everything after this would be bonus. Next we went back to the auditorium and watched Modern English perform a rocking set. I had seen them before and they were still amazing. After their set they also did a signing at the merch table so I picked up their new CD and got it signed and got photos with them again. My friend Troy bought a meet and greet with singer Belinda Carlisle for $100 so he went and met her but luckily I had already scored a photo with her years ago in Baltimore so I didn't need to buy this. We watched Belinda's set that had many hits from The Go Gos and her solo career. We went out back but missed her coming out unfortunately. There were two people waiting back there when she came out of the venue but I heard she took a photo with just one of them and then shafted the other. She is tough so my friend was smart for buying the meet and greet. Next we watched the band ABC perform but I was kind of bored during their set since I'm not a big fan of their music. We waited out back after the show because my friends wanted to meet Martin Fry, the lead singer and sole original member of the band. I had already scored a photo with him after another 80s show in Baltimore years ago so I didn't really need him. We saw Tony Lewis, lead singer of The Outfield come out so we all got another photo with him. Hes a really nice guy and I was so happy to have the chance to meet him.
After a little while it started raining badly unfortunately. We waited under a covered area in the back but unfortunately we weren't in prime position when he emerged from the venue because he came out a second door we weren't expecting him to come out of. He moved quickly so we werent able to get photos with him. Apparently he stopped for a couple fans near the bus door but we weren't in prime position so by the time we made it over there he was going on the bus. I didn't care so much about not getting him again but I felt badly for my friends who wanted to meet him and didn't score the photo. After this we ran to the front to get out of the rain and we left. We ended up leaving the venue a lot later than I had originally thought we would so we didn't get back until super late at night but oh well, it was well worth it in my opinion. Overall, I had a great time hanging out with good friends and scored some super rare music ops so it was time well spent.
Me and singer Limahl
Me and singer Limahl
Me and singer Tony Lewis (The Outfield)
Me and singer Tony Lewis (The Outfield)
Me and Robbie Grey and Michael Conroy, lead singer and bassist of Modern English
Me and Stephen Walker, keyboardist of Modern English
Me and Gary McDowell, lead guitarist of Modern English
Limahl signed post card
Limahl signed DVD
Tony Lewis signed Outfield CD
Modern English signed CD

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Re: Limahl, Tony Lewis (The Outfield) & more in Englewood, NJ

Post by capman » July 16th, 2018, 10:07 am

Great scores. My old boss who ran a record stores for many years in the Bridgewater mall, has been waiting for 30 plus years for Limahl to perform and get a chance to meet. He finally got it on Sat like you. Glad they were able to do this!

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Re: Limahl, Tony Lewis (The Outfield) & more in Englewood, NJ

Post by ICW » July 16th, 2018, 10:30 am

Nice scores! You were right in my backyard.
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