On a Journey to see a Cheap Leppard

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On a Journey to see a Cheap Leppard

Post by adelta13 » August 15th, 2018, 5:03 pm

August 8: Had flights on the band America (A Horse With No Name, I Need You, etc). I've met Dewey Bunnell in the past but never met Gerry Beckley. First up is Dewey, we approach him for autographs and he signs. I then get an updated photo with him. An hour later, had flights on members of Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Cheap Trick (Surrender, I Want You to Want Me, The Flame, etc). First up is guitarist and songwriter Rick Nielsen, going into this my buddy told me that there's a potential chance Rick will look away in the photo because that's his thing to do. Rick comes through and we approach him. He tells us to follow him to baggage, in the process he hands my buddy and I a guitar pick... He starts signing, I ask him for a photo and he looks away in it. I then get a photo with Daxx Nielsen (Touring Member of Cheap Trick, Son of Rick). I re-approach Rick asking him if he could look into the photo. He says that's not his thing, I then explained to him that my buddy has a photo of him looking in. Rick says that's a fluke. Rick agrees to another photo if he can put his hand over his face. Oh well.

Next up is Gerry Beckley of America, while waiting I spot MLB Hall of Famer Eddie Murray strolling through. My buddy and I approach him for photos and Eddie agrees but he was wondering who we were there waiting for. We explained it was for a member of America. Eddie takes the photos. Gerry comes through, we approach him at baggage. He agrees to sign, I then get a photo with Gerry! Later in the night, we had a flight on Cheap Trick's Tom Petersson. He comes rushing through, he signed on the walk. I ended up getting a blurry photo with him but I didn't lose sleep that night.

August 13
Going into this day, my buddy and I were talking about going to Virginia Beach for Def Leppard (Pour Some Sugar on Me, Hysteria, etc) and Journey (Don't Stop Believin', Faithfully, Open Arms, etc). It's about a 4 hour drive to Virginia Beach which means it will be a early day. I needed 3 members from Def Leppard and 2 members from Journey. I went to sleep around 1am and woke up at 3:30am, took a shower, got dress. Waited for my buddy to pick up at 4:30am. We started our drive to Virginia Beach, we stopped for a quick bite in between. We arrived into town around 9:30am, and found parking. We started our wait inside a spot, where we spotted Phil Collen of Def Leppard. He happily agrees to sign, I then got a fresh photo with him. We were waiting but my buddy got the vibe this spot wasn't enjoying our presence. We ended up going outside to wait. While waiting, my buddy spots Rick Allen (Drummer of Def Leppard), we approach him for autographs. I finally get a photo with Rick Allen! After this we burned time until it was showtime. It was finally time for the rest of the band to show. Rick Savage comes out, signs but wouldn't take photos. I didn't mind because I already had it from couple months ago. Phil and Rick came out didn't bother. Vivian Campbell (Guitarist of Def Leppard) came out on a fake cell phone call. Finally, Joe Elliott (Lead Singer of Def Leppard) comes out, I was the first one to approach him. I went up to him for the photo and he agrees to it!!! :yes:

We then went to another spot for Journey. At this spot, we didn't have any access to them. We ended up getting roll downs from Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain. I already had photos with them so I didn't bother to get photos with them. My buddy and I then drove back to DC where Journey would be coming back into. We got a quick bite to eat because their flight got delayed. From Journey I only needed Arnel Pineda and Ross Valory. At this spot Neal comes through and does it for my buddy. Steve Smith comes through and signs, I get another photo with him. Jonathan is next, he signs and I get a photo with him but the flash doesn't go off for some reason. Arnel Pineda (Current Lead Singer of Journey) comes rolling out, he signs 1 and takes a photo with me. I've seen him two times before in the past and never had luck. Ross Valory comes out and denies stating he's running late. We went to another spot where Ross denies stating he's tired.

Image Dewey Bunnell of America

Image Rick Nielsen of Cheap Trick

Image Daxx Nielsen

Image Rick Nielsen Part 2

Image Eddie Murray

Image Gerry Beckley of America

Image Tom Petersson of Cheap Trick

Image Phil Collen of Def Leppard

Image Rick Allen of Def Leppard

Image Joe Elliott of Def Leppard

Image Steve Smith of Journey

Image Jonathan Cain of Journey

Image Arnel Pineda of Journey

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