The #2 Panther at the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Show

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The #2 Panther at the Mid Atlantic Nostalgia Show

Post by class316 » September 25th, 2018, 2:54 pm

With Robert Wagner as a headliner, I had to attend this con. I know he's supposed to be at Chiller, but as the saying goes, "you never know". First off the guy is 88! And second what if his legal troubles catch up with him? I was nervous enough passing on Pittsburgh Steel City Con (where he was my sole want). So could not pass this chance up. I was almost going to go to Bookends for him till they announced no photo ops. Most everyone from the original 1963 Pink Panther movie is dead. So the fact that we have this chance for Wagner is truly a treat. And of course he is #2 in Austin Powers.

Arrive at the con, saw Fake Jan outside and told her hello and she said hello back. Enter and stand in line for Wagner and other WKRP folks. After a while meet up with combo hunter Troy Bellum. Get actress Shani Wallis from Oliver then we go back to the spot I was holding. While in line they even told us not to ask Robert about his "personal" life. I presume that was code for "don't ask him about Natalie Wood".

When we finally get to the area where everyone is, I get WKRP actors Jan Smithers and Howard Hesseman (he wouldn't remove his shades when I asked). Then Stephanie Powers who says she can always place people by their accents but could not place mine. Finally it's time for Wagner and I get the photo op with him. Wow he looks great for 88.

With that I had little reason to stay. Went to the bathroom to take a crap, ran into Wagner in the bathroom, and called it a day.

Shani Wallis

Jan Smithers

Howard Hesseman

Stefanie Powers

Robert Wagner
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