JOresky's New Jersey Horror Con Sept 2018 and Lost in the 80s Report

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JOresky's New Jersey Horror Con Sept 2018 and Lost in the 80s Report

Post by Joresky » September 27th, 2018, 10:47 am

This past weekend I attended a concert and a convention with my good friend Troy. On Saturday we attended the Lost in the 80s concert near Baltimore and the show included performances from Flock of Seagulls, Wang Chung, When in Rome (ft Farrington and Mann), Naked Eyes, Animotion and Annabella Lwin of Bow Wow Wow. Many of the bands on the bill were doing free signings after their sets at the merch table and the cool thing is you didn't even have to buy something if you wanted to meet the band. The first band to play was Annabella Lwin and she didn't do a signing after her set which was no biggie because I already had a photo with her from a year ago. Next the band Animotion played and they did do a free signing after their set. I had nothing for them to sign but I got a nice photo with Astrid Plane and Bill Wadhams so that was cool. Next Naked Eyes took the stage and I didn't have them yet so it sucks that they didn't do a signing after. This particular venue is pretty bad for meeting bands outside so I didn't even attempt to meet them here. Next on the bill was Farrington and Mann of the band When in Rome. They performed a great set and did a signing after. They were selling a $15 poster but I opted to just get a photo op and skip the autograph since I had nothing cool to get signed and didn't want to pay for the poster. Next the band Wang Chung played and it turns out the only original member of the band who played was Nick Feldman and Jack Hues wasn't on this tour unfortunately. He was replaced by singer Gareth Moulton who did a decent job. I had met Wang Chung years ago so I already had a photo with Nick and Jack but I got an updated photo with Nick at the signing after and a photo with Gareth. I had nothing to get signed but I already had a Wang Chung vinyl I got signed last time by Nick and Jack. Lastly, Flock of Seagulls took the stage and the only original member was lead singer Mike Score. I had met Mike in the past in New York but I decided to meet him again since he did a signing after the show. I picked up a limited edition Mike Score bobblehead and he signed the box and the bobblehead and I got an updated photo with him. I had a fun time at the show and scored a couple new names so it was definitely worth attending.

The next day me and Troy headed up to Atlantic City, New Jersey for a few wants at the New Jersey Horror Con. My top want at the show was an upgraded photo with actor William Daniels (Mr Feeney in TVs Boy Meets World, voice of Kitt in Knight Rider). I had previously met him at his book signing in New York but I wasn't fully satisfied with the photo I got so this seemed like a good chance to upgrade (he's not getting any younger). As soon as we got to the con we found William's table and me and Troy both got a combo from him. I got a Boy Meets World photo signed and a photo with him which looked much better than my original because I got to sit next to him as opposed to leaning over a table. Next I got an upgraded photo with Troll director John Carl Buechler. I got him many years ago at another con but someone took the photo from very far away so the quality is terrible. This one is a lot better than the original so I'm happy I got to upgrade it. Next I got a photo with actor Mark Clayman (Moose in TVs Saved by the Bell). Ming Chen (AMCs Comic Book Men) also walked by and Mark insisted we take a group shot with Ming after I got my solo shot. I already have many photos with Ming but this was cool since it didn't cost me any extra. Next we met author Violet Ramis Stiel who is the daughter of Ghostbusters actor Harold Ramis. She was selling her book for $25 and it included an autograph on the book and a photo with her. She was very nice and it was cool meeting her. After this I got a photo with actress Kerry Cahill (TVs The Walking Dead). Next I went to the Gwar table and got photos with Brad Roberts (Jizmak) and Don Drakulich (Sleazy P Martini). I got a $5 Gwar comic book signed and got a photo with them in and out of make up which is cool because they look drastically different. I have met them in the past but they were insanely cheap so I figured why not update my shots. Lastly I got a free photo with Tim Clarke (creator of Boglins, creature effects in The Dark Crystal) and chatted with him for a few minutes, very cool guy. I had a really good time hanging out at the con... the weather was terrible this particular day (raining all day) so this was a fun indoor activity. Overall, I had a really fun and stress free weekend.
Me and actor William Daniels
Me and author Violet Ramis Stiel
Me and actress Kerry Cahill
Me and actor Mark Clayman
Me and director John Carl Buechler
Me and Jizmak and Sleazy P Martini of Gwar
Me and Brad Roberts (Jizmak) and Don Drakulich (Sleazy P Martini) of Gwar
Me and Tim Clarke
Me and When in Rome (Farrington and Mann)
Me and the band Animotion
Me and Mike Score, lead singer of Flock of Seagulls
Me and Wang Chung (Nick Feldman and fill in singer Gareth Moulton)

Me and actor Mark Clayman and Ming Chen
William Daniels signed photo
Violet Ramis Stiel signed book
Mike Score signed bobblehead
Mike Score signed bobblehead box
Jizmak and Sleazy P Martini signed comic book

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