A Bunch of Random Meets in September

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A Bunch of Random Meets in September

Post by adelta13 » September 29th, 2018, 8:46 pm

September 12: The day after meeting Florida Georgia Line, I've purchased a $50 meet and greet for one of my favorite punk-screamo bands Blessthefall, I've actually failed on meeting them all so my friend and I jumped on this opportunity to meet them. The VIP package included a group photo, a signed poster and setlist, laminate, etc. We arrived to the parking garage, and walked to the venue that was across the street. We waited in line for a bit. While in line we were given our signed setlist and laminate. Once in, they lined us up and the signing portion of the meet & greet started. We were given our posters at the point and I also got a CD signed. After that, the photo portion started, it went very quick there wasn't that many people taking apart of the package. After getting a group shot, I waited and got a photo with lead singer Beau Bokan. Went to the car and dropped our autographs off then I went out for a quick bite. Went to the show and enjoyed myself a lot! After the show, I stick around and met the opening acts and Individual photos with Blessthefall.

September 19:Had plans on trying to meet singer Sting and Shaggy. I've tried for Sting in the past twice and failed both times. I would say Sting is one of my white whales. Fast forward, my buddy and I find some good Info where String/Shaggy would be at. We wait and finally Sting arrives. We ask and he denies stating his work is done for the day. Not trying to be shut out, I approach Shaggy for a photo and he agrees! I was upset to strike out on Sting but I didn't go home empty handed!

September 27: Started this early morning at the airport for Freddy Krueger himself Mr. Robert Englund! I've met Mr. Englund two times before this. I go the port with my buddy and upon arrival there's two autograph collectors we know. Robert comes through and signs, I then get a photo with him for the shits of it. It came out blurry but I won't be losing any sleep.

September 28: Going into this early morning, I had flights for New Edition singers Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant, Actress Sherilyn Fenn (Played in an episode of Psych, Twin Peaks, etc), Actor Robert Patrick (Terminator, Endless Love, etc) and Actor Ray Wise (Played an recurring role in Psych, Jeeper Creepers).. First up is Sherilyn Fenn and Ray Wise coming out together. We approached Sherilyn first and she agrees to the photo and signing some autographs. I then went up to Ray who was nice and even complimenting my t-shirt! No sight of Johnny or Ralph, or Robert Patrick. I ended up getting a photo with Actor Jonathan Ke Quan (The Goonies, Temple of Doom), he sorta hesitated then took a photo with me. Never saw Robert and turns out Johnny/Ralph both changed their flights. More on that soon! Later in the night, had a flight on Actor Lou Diamond Phillips (La Bama, Blindspot, Psych, etc). He arrives and is overly nice. Signs all of my buddy autographs then I get a photo with him. We race to another spot for comic book legend Frank Miller. Upon arrival, I spot actor Zachary Levi who denies my photo with request. I then tried to get a photo with Frank Miller but the people with him wouldn't let him despite him saying yes.

September 29: By this point, I have no concept of sleep whatsoever! Pulled an all-nighter and there's more early morning flights on Johnny Gill, Ralph Tresvant, Ryan Hurst (Remember the Titans, Sons of Anarchy), Mike Colter (Luke Cage).. While at the airport, my buddy spots WWE legend Mick Foley then moments I see Jerry "The King" Lawler. I approach Jerry for the photo and he happily agrees. I then approach Mick for a photo and he agrees but states he has to look the other way because of eye issues. That's fine! Finally, we spot Johnny Gill with a big bodyguard. Johnny signs then he happily agrees to the photo... I see my buddy getting someone's autograph but I am not sure who it is. It's 98 Degrees Lead singer Nick Lachey!!! Had no idea he was in town! I get an updated photo with him! No sight of Ralph Tresvant at all! Not this again! Moments to spare, he comes through and signs for my buddy then happily takes photo with us.

Next up is Mike Colter and Ryan Hurst...Mike Colter comes out and denies the photo saying it's too early and I said "Mike I've been up all night I don't want to hear that it's too early". He says "Alright, let's take the photo"! Ryan comes through and straight up denies!

Later in the morning, had a flight on hip-hop group Bell Biv Devoe in Washington, DC. I already have a photo with Ronnie Devoe so I just need Ricky Bell and Michael Bivins. They come through all together with one bodyguard. They made it clear they would only sign 1 item and take no photos. A major punch because I really wanted to finish up this group. Went to another spot for them later in the day and failed again. Had a flight on New Edition member and legendary name Bobby Brown. He comes through with 2 bodyguards, and everyone is overly nice! What a shocker!

Image Blessthefall

Image Beau Bokan Lead Singer of Blessthefall

Image Zack Hansen of A Word Alive

Image Spencer Maybe Lead Singer of A War Within

Image DED

Image Matt Horn of A Word Alive

Image Telle Smith Lead Singer of A Word Alive

Image Tony Pizzuti of The Word Alive

Image Elliott Gruenberg of Blessthefall

Image Jared Warth of Blessthefall

Image Nikhil Rao of A War Within

Image Roy PG-13 of A War Within

Image Zac Bardsley of A War Within

Image James DeBerg, Devin Chance, Josh Billimoria of Thousand Below

Image Matt Traynor of Blessthefall

Image Eric Lambert of Blessthefall

Image Beau Bokan, Lead Singer of Blessthefall

Image Shaggy

Image Robert Englund

Image Sherilyn Fenn

Image Ray Wise

Image Jonathan Ke Quan

Image Lou Diamond Phillips

Image Jerry Lawler

Image Mick Foley

Image Johnny Gill

Image Nick Lachey

Image Ralph Tresvant

Image Mike Colter

Image Bobby Brown 1

Image Bobby Brown 2

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Re: A Bunch of Random Meets in September

Post by Greg2600 » September 29th, 2018, 9:11 pm

Wow great mooched gets there! Funny back and forth with Colter.
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Re: A Bunch of Random Meets in September

Post by yosemitechris » September 30th, 2018, 12:40 pm

love the shaggy photo! you got lots of great names, super report!

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