Weekend of Sex pistols, CSA Show, Retro Con, and the KING

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Weekend of Sex pistols, CSA Show, Retro Con, and the KING

Post by class316 » November 13th, 2018, 3:54 pm

Close to mid October I would go for Johnny Rotten of sex pistols fame. Wait at the venue, he comes out, doesn't take care of all but I thankfully manage to get a valid photo op.

Johnny Rotten

Get some sleep and to to CSA show. This is probably the shortest time I spent at any con. I went in, went to the vendor area, no lines, I got Mighty Ducks Jerseyed Jane Plank and Danny Tamberelli. No idea why I never got the latter at Chiller, but both of those ops cost me $10 so I can't complain. With that I left and started driving to PA for my first ever Retrocon.

Jane Plank

Danny Tamberelli

It is truly shocking that I've never been to a retrocon. But they always have one name I need if that. This time they had a little more. Sadly my huge want from there, Melanie Britt AKA She-Ra cancelled. But I still needed Garry Chalk. In addition to Transformers, he played Man-At-Arms in the awesome 200X MOTU cartoon. He also technically played He-Man in the early 90s New Adventures He-Man, though most consider that an invalid He-Man. But still technically that makes it my third actor who played He-Man (200X He-Man Cam Clarke and movie He-Man Dolph Lundgren are the others). Plus they had other names for me.

I arrive late but everyone I need is there. First up is Gregg Berger (Odie in Garfield, Transformers) who allowed me to mooch him. Then BJ Ward of GI Joe Fame, and then got Garry Chalk, my top want at this con. I then got Samantha Newark which is decent for get if there. Then I would get the barely valid names for free. Mark Watts who is an artist for Transformers and youtube celeb Pixel Dan. I actually enjoy his videos where he reviews action figures. The past decade I don't really buy too many figures anymore (combination of money issues and the fact that I'm getting old and don't need more stuff). So I kinda live through his youtube videos in that respect.

I also got to browse around vendors and play some Arcade games. I nice change of pace as I'm usually trying to rush through cons.

Full list of retro con photo ops: https://image.ibb.co/mAYMFL/retrocon.jpg

Next day was an appearance from the King himself, NASCAR legend Richard Petty. Though I generally don't care about this genre, for sports I always try to get the top legendary names in order to maintain a well rounded collection. And here he was making an appearance at a car show with one free combo per person guaranteed. So let's see, you have a "Richard Petty", "guaranteed", "combo", and "free" all in the same sentence. Can't pass that one up!

Also, I should add there is somewhat of a wrestling connection to Petty. He is mentioned in the Curt Hennig "Rap is Crap" music video from the WCW days.

Go to the event early and grabbed my wristband, securing my Richard Petty combo. I then browsed around looking at cars. They had an actual Dukes of Hazard show used General Lee. Got a photo op with Tom Sarmento but later found out he's not valid as he was simply a mechanic that worked for the show (not IN the show). I did however get a free photo op with Linda Vaughn who is apparently some kind of motor racing girl. I guess she is on the brink of validity? She's been in 2 movies according to her wikipedia entry. She was selling her book which she was signing.

Petty arrived with a huge police escort. I knew he would be wearing hat and shades as that is his look, but I was afraid he would be wearing the really big shades. Thankfully it is the standard sized shades. He began judging cars, then the signing started and I got my combo no issue. Overall a smooth stress free experience (which is a nice change of pace).

Richard Petty

Linda Vaughn


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