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Post by lanza218 » November 29th, 2017, 9:34 pm

Well, we begin our journey at waking up 515 on Sat, getting ready, and leaving my house to pick up Izzi. Got to him at 615 and when he entered I said Make sure you have everything and he chuckled......we stop at DD for breakfast and coffee/tea and on our way. So getting the usual bs out of the way Greg asks me about the nerds and I casually mention the only one im getting a graph from is Tochi bc "well he is Leonardo" I no sooner say Leo...when I heard a loud curse word and found out Greg 4got his TMNT 1 poster.....immediately turned around and that took us about 30 min back and forth. So we got to RICC around 1030 instead of 930.

Got a VIP pass from a new board member here, entered no problem and immediately hit the main arena where we heard noone was taking ops. Immediately found out people were taking ops at the table and now also taking cash at table. Tried to get John Cusack outta the way but he wasnt down yet. Saw he got down around 11 just as me and DJ left for our Frodo Photo op.

Ops were held outside in the garage and have to say I really liked the setup. They wemt smooth and had a pretty good system down. Wood was a piece of cake. got his graph later but posting here. After this ran back to main arena and found out Cusack finished his small lime and left. AND NEVER RETURNED! He was at his table all of 45 min Saturday. So next up was Tom Wilson he dove into some comedy shtick. Asked why he doesnt come up to NY and said its bc he would only make $30.....ehhhhh idk about that. Just a photo on this one.

Elijah Wood
Image102918 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2007 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Tom Wilson

ImageIMG_1986 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Carl Weathers had 0 line and heard he was in a mood Friday so decided to get him out of the way. Was fine with me. Signed fig. Commented that he loved the blue, got his character name, and even zeee Predator handshake. His op was later but Ill just include it here.

Apollo Creed

ImageIMG_2006 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Dillion, You Son of a Bitch

ImageIMG by Lanza218, on Flickr

Next we had to redeem our prepaid photo os and purchase new ones. This is really stupid. Still no scanning and redemption/purchase had to be on 2 seperate lines. Took 20 min so not terrible overall but really a waste. After that it was back into the tent area for me to get ny Westhers, Bettany, and Lundgren photo ops. Met up with Class and Jerry and Greg met me. Passed the time. On line met a lurker on the board Steve. Ops turned out fine except for Class freaking out over glasses and wanting to ask Bettany to remove. Told him dont and op came fine. Got Dolph graph later but posting here

Image2-00836 by Lanza218, on Flickr


Image3-05037 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageIMG_2005 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Finally had time to go over to the 2nd building which now comes my second complaint for the show. They made the arena one way only, so in order to go to the second building you need to go alllll the way arlund rather than a few steps to the left. Prob for fire hazard but still annoying. Got over and first celeb I see is Judith Hoag, April from TMNT! Literally 1 person ahead of me...and LIFE STORIES commence. Paid for the op but left to meet greg a few lines over to met FLASH! GORDONNNNNNN Sam Jones where we were met by more FN Life Stories!!! The guy didnt even buy anything and asked fn dumb questions! Sam says he played semi pro football. Guy asks OOO U EVER GO TO THE NFL??? GAHHHHHHHH Sam had the best deal of the con, $80 combo which is 2 autos amd as many ops as you want. Me and Greg split that. Had to take 3 photos bc some doofus walks right n front of us on the 1st shot. Back to Judith. Back to life stories and people taking Snapchat pics. Got 2 ops bc handler thought flash was bad. Didnt even notice she turned it off. Judith was super nice but no time to be nice! After Hoag ran to Class VIP for our want Jerome Flynn was 0. Took is 5 min for a switcheroo op and a nice quick convo

Judith Hoag

ImageIMG_1989 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_1990 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageDSCN4007 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageDSCN4008 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageDSCN4009 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2014 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Jerome Flynn

ImageIMG_8300(1) by Lanza218, on Flickr

After Hoag ran to Class VIP for want Jerome Flynn was 0. Took is 5 min for a switcheroo op and a nice quick convo. Saw CCH Pounder had 0 line so got there for a quick op. Didnt realize Hoags handler shut flash off so got 2 ops with no flash but turned out fine. As soon as that was done jumped next to John Ashtin with Izzi. Ashon a Yankee fan so we talked about who the next manager might be and a sick stat about Zack Greinke, basically he is being paid 10k a pitch. Make our way to homestly one of my top wants of all time, Roger Rabbit himself, Charles Fleiacher. Ive heard stories he is a lil out there and yep he is. Mentioned how I would have brought more items if announced earlier and his handler said Well its MY fault he had a cancellation....uhhh ok dude. Once we mentioned we were from NY his handler immediatsly talked about GTV REALITT BABH! So there was that. Charles was quiet untill Greg askes if I wanted Roger in my photo. I said sure and Charles asked "U wanna fuck the rabbit?" To which I reply Vell do u?!?!?! Combo attained.

ImageIMG_1991 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_1992 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageDSCN4013 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageDSCN4014 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Roger Rabbit

ImageIMG_1993 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_1994 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2009 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Last here was Frank Whaley. Very nice guy and told a story how he got his friend fired from the set of the freshman but had an op with marlon brando from it. I bet its invalid though! Just an op here. Saw Simones prices and hard pass even for a split. Aftwr this got back to tent area for my Englund op. Came out great.


ImageDSCN4018 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageIMG_0001 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Aftet that had a few min to kill so went back to main area and found no line for VIP for Elijah Wood. Got a graph. Talked about Wilford and his Punkd episode. He said it was no fn bs and he was having a legit panic attack. Cursed alot about it where the handler eas like Hey r u ok. And yea. Got awkward. But was nice guy. Back to tent for Pee Wee. Op came great.

Pee Wee

Image102840 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Back ovr to the 2nd building and got a Robert Hays combo, totally blanked on his most famous line, thinking Leslie Nielson said it...falseeeeeeee, but he was really great to talk to.


ImageIMG_1995 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2010 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Now 4 me the highlight of the weekend....

NERDS!!!!!!!! First up was Brian Tochi voice of Leo. Loved the fig and the paint pen. Learned the pro op was half sitting so glad we didnt buy that. Love the paint pen and the fig and asked what more he can write on it. Bs'd about TMNT Police Academy and of course. Hi UN!!!Next was Julia Montgomery. Pulled switcheroo. She was very nice but no stories. Next up was Leroy Anderson. Super nice guy. Seemed to be having a great time and mentioned having a drink with us at the aftsr party. This is like the 3rd con in a row this has happenes FYI. Again. Switch e rooski.


ImageDSCN4020 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2008 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageDSCN4024 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageDSCN4026 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Next was Andrew Cassesse and he tells us how his brother lost his Nerds Sweater in a Mcdonalds, he gave it to him to give back to his mom, and he forgot it there!!!! Said he bought another one but not the same. We then get into taling about how this is probably the most guys at same con becasue of either someone dead, unintrested, or "john Goodman, wherever he is" Greg mentions our encounter with him when we met him and his attitude, Andrew tells us a bonkers story, he and his wife were on a wine tour in Louisina and passes by Johns house. Thinks about ringing the bell but goes nahhhh. On last day of his vacation he finally does it, thinking noone will answer, but John does! Andrew goes oooooo sorry to disturb you but..John interupts, Well, you rang teh bell. Andrew explains they costarred in Nerds and anted to say Hi, and Goodman grunts, shakes hand and slams door. Got our pics, and kept laughing, next or me Robert Carradine, got combo, and he made small banter, when Gregg asks him if he remembers someone going up to him last night showing him a pic of himself with a beard. Robert looks confused for a minute. Back Story, :vaht1: told us a story the night before of how he showed Robert a bearded op of them from MM and wanted an upgrade and Robert did it. We repeat the str to Robert and he goes Yes i DO remember, was that you? we go no, it was our friend, he goes, That man seemed very concerned with the beard. Finally got Donald Gibb to round out the bunch. got a bloodsport 8x10 and we mentioned the story Leah told us at chiller, good ol Donnny Gibb confirmed teh story! Then told one of his own, sad JCVD would needle him on set, hit him for real once, asked JCVD to stop, hit him again, said if you hit me again, imma knock you out, sure enough JCVD hits him again and Gibb chokes him against a wall, and wasnt bothered from then on. Told us to mention his name at his resaraunt in Chicago, awesome convo, and that completes the nerds section


ImageDSCN4028 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Jackson, you look like a Jackson

ImageIMG_1999 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2012 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageDSCN4033 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2013 by Lanza218, on Flickr

We ran over to Brittany Daniel, of Club Dredd and Joe Dirt fame, quick encounter and got the op more switchy Next up Julian Glover, as usual right before getting up to him, some handler talked about dinner the night before and Glover mad sure he explained every part of his order, and what he paid, etc etc. GAHHHHHHHHHHH finally he got up and took ops with us, super friendly guy, wih had more time to talk but con was closing soon and still had people to get

Joe Dirt

ImageDSCN4030 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageIMG_1996 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Over to 2 of the guys from Broken Lizard, Erik Stolhanske & Paul Soter the handler was on my nerves, 40 each for a combo, simple enough, he starts getting into semantics of welll group op is extra and jackets are too, how about 120 for everything, i just stare at him silently. He goes ok, how about 40 each and the duel shot? ummm Yes dummy thats the real price, pay it and the guys were just worried about promoting Super Troopers 2, Asked for a Beerfest suited p and the other handler had Paul's jacket on, and was a pain in the ass when asked to remove it. Again, people talking to Paul about life stories and paying attention to them rather than a paying costumer. Combos accomplaished at least. Lastly used my VIP on Mike Colter, quick op, quiet, took a few ops and finally done for the zeeeee day! ent to dinner with Dave, back to hotel for Cathlis vs Convicts, bed, wake up mooch breakfast back to the con.

Broken Lizard

ImageIMG_1998 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2011 by Lanza218, on Flickr


ImageDSCN4037 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageDSCN4036 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageDSCN4035 by Lanza218, on Flickr

Day 2 Immediately got on Dolph line while Dave took my UMF for big Dave to get signed. Gets it no problem, then I have him stand in Dolph's line while I go get big Dave op- tried to get cute with Dave, gave him the thumbs down ike he did to HHH but he legit had no idea what I was ding...look of shock...then awkwardness, but great pic, came back, dolph still hasnt showed, Dave left, big thanks, got my dolph graph, waited for greg, gave my vip badge to wewntflair who insisted he didnt need it stopped for linch and home finally, very succesfull weekend adn was great eeing all my good friends.

The Animal

ImageIMG_0002 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageIMG_2004 by Lanza218, on Flickr

ImageRoar by Lanza218, on Flickr

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Post by WOODMO » November 29th, 2017, 10:52 pm

Sick stuff!

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Post by class316 » November 30th, 2017, 1:36 am

Why didn't you have jpegs for much of your ops?

Greg seems to forget his stuff and turn back quite often
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Post by crowbar » November 30th, 2017, 4:53 am

Wow signed figs are awesome

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Post by lanza218 » November 30th, 2017, 8:25 am

class316 wrote:
November 30th, 2017, 1:36 am
Why didn't you have jpegs for much of your ops?

Greg seems to forget his stuff and turn back quite often

I never get jpegs. Dont see the point. Also, its not often at all.

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Post by Whole F'N Gigantor » November 30th, 2017, 9:08 pm

Holy shit, Joe is a fricking machine. Amazing stuff!!!!

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Post by Bud White » December 1st, 2017, 9:19 pm

Envious of you guys. Loved the signed figs and you guys know my quest for Fleischer. Faaaaaack.

Also, love that Dave changes up the Bautista Batista for wrestling or acting sigs. Appreciate that attention to detail.

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Post by Cozmik » December 2nd, 2017, 8:21 am

Very cool. Some of my big wants there... a hobbit. an Avenger and a guy who had a tasty burger in Pulp Fiction!

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Post by djknightrida » December 3rd, 2017, 6:16 pm

Great hangs as usual. Dunno if I had made it through the day without you guys. Literally felt like passing out while waiting for Pee Wee.
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