Welcome to the Through The Mail section..........Please Read

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Welcome to the Through The Mail section..........Please Read

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For those who are familiar with TTM, you should find this to be a very fun place to interact. For those who are not you can still join in the discussions and hopefully try your hand in this fun sector of the hobby.

This is a great way to get autographs from your favorite stars. It's a very inexpensive way to get some really great stuff for your collection

A few rules that need to be followed are quite simple, and as follows:

1. Do not post any home addresses, telephone numbers, or private email addresses. If you do, you are responsible personally for that distribution of information. Your IP address is recorded with each post, in the event a problem occurs with a celeb recieving mail to their home address, and they want the info removed, I will just delete the post. Shoudl they want to persue legal action you are the party responsible. This is a public forum, and as the MOD neither myself nor the boards owners/advertisers can be responsible for every single address posted.

2. Please respect everyone.

3. When you have an address to submit just post it in the section appropriate (sports, television, film, ect) and I will add it to the list seen at the top of each section.

4. When posting a success or failure please post the dates you sent and recieved, the address you sent to, the return adress on the envelope/package, and a picture of what you recieved (optional).

5. I am open to any and all suggestions.

Tips and Suggestions to get started

1. Always send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope (SASE). Typically you will need to put 98 cents postage on a large envelope. A SASE greatly increases your chances of a success.

2. Keep your letter short, to the point, and pollite. Stars get tons of fanmail, their very busy people.

3. Envelopes. I find a 10X12 or 11X13 envelope to be the best. This is the envelope you use for the SASE. 98 cents is the standard amount for a 1 ounce envelope (perfect for 1-3 photographs). Fold the SASE to fit in the small envelope you are mailing the letter in. When they open the envelope they know you want an autographed photo.

4. If you are sending your own photographs use the 11X13 with a 10X12 SASE. I add a piece of thin cardboard to insure the item dosen't get damaged. There is no guarantee they will sign your item. Sometimes you will get your items back unsigned, but a photo the star signed is included.

5. This is not a hobby for the impatient. I've had a success come 2 -3 years after I sent. Sometimes I have had a successs after 2 weeks. It's all depending on the stars schedule.

6. Some stars keep a database of the autograph requests they have filled. They might not sign for you again. Keep that in mind. One success dosen't guarantee an infinate flow of autographs.

7. Return To Sender (RTS). Some address are not up to date. Often stars switch agencies/agents. Don't be discouraged. It's part of the hobby. The USPA will return your envelope, just find a different address and try again.

8. Have fun with this. Send whatever you want pictures, cards, posters, magazines, figures, ect. If you get a great success, send a thank you note. You might be suprised how far a little thank you goes. If you want to send them a gift or something you made for them, that's perfectly fine. Just be respectful and don't send anything explicit, illegal, or hate mail.

9. If you don't get a success don't send a nasty letter. Any success is a piece of the stars time. The photo they send you is paid for by them. These successes are a little thank you from the star. They are not obligated to do it.

10. NOT ALL STARS WILL SIGN. Some send pre-prints (PP), auto-pen (AP), or secretarial(SEC). Some stars pay a company called Studio Fan Mail to handle their fanmail. The company sends out pre-prints. They are great quality, but not real signatures.

11. I can't sress this enough. Always send a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope!!!!!!!!

Common Terms you will see:
TTM = Through The Mail
SASE = Self Addressed Stamped Envelope
RTS = Return To Sender
PP = Pre Print
AP = Auto-Pen Auto-Pen is a maching that uses a metal plate with the stars signature to reproduce that same signature. Basically it is a computer with an arm which holds the writing instrument, the duplicates the signature on the plate. Most Presidents and very busy politicians use this.
SFM = Studio Fan Mail I touched on this company above.
SEC = Secretarial Some stars (very, very few) have their secretary sign for them. This is a situation where speculation and research come into play. When you don't see the item get signed with your own eyes, there is room for speculation.
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