Celebrities with odd autograph rules

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Celebrities with odd autograph rules

Post by zuko3984 »

So HOF pitcher Randy Johnson is going to be signing at the Hofstra autograph show in April and on the site he is listed as he will not sign a jersey unless it has 5 or more other signatures on it already. That just seems like such an odd rule to have and I can't figure out why he would have such a rule. It also got me thinking about other odd/strange or just annoying rules other celebrities/athletes have. I've seen that Roger Clemens won't sign anything to do with the incident he had with Mike Piazza and Piazza usually wont sign anything to do with Clemens. I can kind of understand that but for the prices they charge it is still kind of annoying.
What other odd/annoying rules has anything seen and for the prices most of these people charge should they really have silly restrictions on what they will sign. Like sure don't sign anything offensive or rude or stuff like that but like the Randy Johnson thing is really annoying and what reason could he have for that.
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Re: Celebrities with odd autograph rules

Post by Jason1980s »

Rod Carew is pretty similar to Randy, at least he was in the past. His rule was no single signed jerseys. I believe the reasoning from both guys is that they reserve single signed jerseys for charity donations to get a higher price. I feel like if they've done signings for decades and didn't have that rule they would have gotten just as much or more money.
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Re: Celebrities with odd autograph rules

Post by Greg2600 »

This is usually only seen in sports. Bo Jackson for instance will not sign the black and white shoulder pad/baseball bat photo, hasn't in years. I think he has an exclusive with somebody on that one. That's normally what it comes down to, exclusivity contracts.

Some celebs I've encountered won't sign with a blue marker only black. Why? They strangely believe you can somehow "lift" a blue signature off it or some nonsense. Christian Slater was babbling about this one night years ago.
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Re: Celebrities with odd autograph rules

Post by TheDuke »

Bo Jackson has a longer list of items he won't sign than he will sign.
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